Thursday, 25 October 2018

Rangers midfielder confirms bizarre revelation about striker

A short while ago we ran a piece on Alfredo Morelos’ English, and lack thereof, given defender Joe Worrall’s testimony that he didn’t speak a word of it.

A lot of replies suggested Worrall was tongue in cheek, joking, and not being literal – well, team mate Andy Halliday has today backed Worrall up and confirmed Alfredo Morelos speaks not a jot of this country’s tongue, which is perplexing and borderline unacceptable after well over a year of being here.

Halliday confirmed:

“Alfredo is hilarious, and he doesn’t speak a word of English, how is that possible?”

As some replies did rightly say, it probably doesn’t matter if the guy doesn’t speak a word of English, as long as he plays well and keeps putting the ball in the back of the net.

For what it’s worth, we find it insulting, disrespectful and extremely arrogant to not bother learning your employer’s country’s tongue, especially while living there for almost a year and a half.

That said, while we’re extremely disappointed by it, as long as he continues to play well, contribute well, and keeps the on-pitch attitude on the up and up as he has been doing of late, we will lay off the issue because his playing ability and contribution on the turf is his real currency.

Just would be nice if he could properly talk to his team mates.

As Halliday added:

“I would love to know what Alfredo does in his spare time. It would be great to see him go to a Nando’s or a coffee shop and order anything and speak to somebody who can’t speak any Spanish whatsoever.”


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