Thursday, 11 October 2018

Rangers man's national team axe was a big mistake...

It’s been an odd and more intriguing international break than usual, that’s for sure – a glut of Rangers players will not be representing their nations for some very mysterious reasons, and we will cover them all, but the one that currently has our attention is Alfredo Morelos.

After all the hooha and hype about Morelos’ first call up for his country, yes, his actual debut was a disaster. We’ve all seen the footage of the open goal miss and shambolic ‘assist’, so there’s no reason to retread it.

However, in the past week or so the 22-year old’s form has arguably reached a career high, and if there was ever the right time for him to earn another shot at the Coffee Men, now would be it.

But interim manager Arturo Reyes has elected to drop the Rangers man for the upcoming friendlies albeit in his defence he announced the squad on the 1st of the month.

However, equally it’s another experimental squad with only 12 players of the 24-man squad actually making the world cup this summer, albeit it must be conceded a significant reason Morelos may have got the original call was James Rodriguez’ resting from the last squad. He’s back this time.

Equally, however, other call ups from last time around have failed to get another this time, including Muriel and Diaz.

Still, Alfredo may have also been a victim of his and the team’s display a day earlier at Livi, where like most Rangers men he did not do himself or the shirt justice, and if Reyes had been watching it would have been a definite no.

However, if Morelos continues the electrifying form he is currently in, future call ups certainly beckon.
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