Rangers make major breakthrough in shirt drama


Following Rangers’ successful work in partnering Elite Sports to sell shirts, another retailer has also managed to start distributing Rangers’ 18/19 kit.

Glasgow-based Greaves Sports are now stocking and selling the merchandise, giving fans another major channel from which to acquire the shirts and numbers are expected to sell out rapidly as distribution tries to keep up with demand.

It follows a further breakthrough in securing the logistics to stock and sell the away shirt via aforementioned Elite Sports, following that initial watershed move in selling the original as a way around certain obstacles.

For Rangers fans now, there are several ways to get the goods, and that is making a big difference to funds and how Rangers’ future merchandising operations might hope to function.

It’s been a nonsense seeing a club the size of Rangers struggling to manufacture, distribute and sell our own kit, and hopefully now the worst is behind us.

Hopefully we’ve moving forwards.


  1. I ordered two shirts about four weeks ago and I'm still waiting for delivery. I'm not sure if the delay is caused by lack of stock or issues with the conflict with Ashley. I do think an email explaining why delivery hasn't yet happened would have been courteous as the payment left my bank account immediately. Although everyone appreciates that there are issues, and everyone who buys is a Rangers supporter, it would be nice to be kept informed. I wait, I hope!

  2. Does anyone know if there is a benchmark, perhaps based on previous sales, of how many shirts we might expect to sell?
    Also, does any of that money find its way back to Ashley?

  3. I ordered my shirt on 8/10/18 and had it at my address in London 2 days later on 10/10/18 !! And yes as I said on Ibrrox noise previously it was ridiculous for a club of our size not to be shifting merchandise,this latest news
    Can only be good news financially for the club and I have to say the quality of the shirt is top notch by hummel,and hopefully we are rid of that scumbag Ashley once and for all WATP 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  4. Cant Afford it at the Moment but Im Hoping to get Mine in Early January with Arfield 37 on the Back 😁💪🔴⚪⭕

  5. Ok fair enough but its King that has halted us from getting the shirts because all he wants to do is beat up Ashley in court at every opprtunity but at no cost to him the club pickes up the tab everytime .So King can BOLT as far as im concerned .

  6. I went on to Greaves website and they are only selling Hummel shorts and socks – no jersey's on the website ??
    Are they only selling them over the counter ?

  7. Hoping to get my top delivered soon only been about 4wk. Still happy knowing my money helps the Club and not that Ashley ��������

    Will be even happier when the Away tap is available as it’s quality ����

    As far the King dig I will laugh that aff �������� Wait ��������

  8. Anything that helps rangers supporters and keeps £££ out of that fat tub of lard, Mike Ashley's pockets, is a good thing, as far as i'm concerned.

  9. This is very positive we are really moving forward on and off the park. The board deserves a lot of credit for its patience and perseverance especially Mr Dave King .. Onwards to the title …Bring on December WATP

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