Thursday, 11 October 2018

Rangers and Aberdeen launch into war of words...

Rangers and Aberdeen have launched into an indirect war of words over Hampden ticket allocation following the Dons’ failed attempt to secure the entire North Stand in Mount Florida.

Aberdeen chairman Stewart Milne expressed outrage that his team wasn’t being allocated enough tickets, and when that allocation was then increased but under the condition of sales numbers, the Pittodrie chief complained the situation was unmanageable. And perhaps he had a slight point, but Rangers have hit back in a statement suggesting his original request was ridiculous:

"It is important to make it clear there had been an attempt to deny Rangers fans all of Hampden’s north stand but this was resisted fiercely and that entire area will now be a sea of red, white and blue."

That ‘attempt to deny’ was Stewart Milne trying to grab the bundle for his club.

The problem the Dons chief has is there’s by no means any guarantee his allocation will get sold, whereas Rangers and Celtic usually/always fill out theirs, meaning Hampden/SPFL/SFA are near certain to get full revenue with regards the Glaswegian side – Rangers, certainly.

However that isn’t as certain for Aberdeen fans, albeit they did fill the place out for 2014’s final v Inverness.

Regardless, Hampden have made their decision and there will be more Rangers fans than their red counterparts.

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