Thursday, 11 October 2018

Only takes a phonecall for Gerrard to fix notable summer error...

Steven Gerrard hasn’t done a lot wrong in recent times, indeed, he hasn’t done much wrong overall at Ibrox.

We’ve obviously given criticism his way after some of the dud results, and of course a few of his soundbites have rather missed the mark as well, but the Anfield legend is mostly living up to the hype and then some, and the transformation of Ibrox slowly into her proper fortress status again is a sight to behold.

However, there have been some mistakes, which were to be expected, but one of them can certainly be rectified if not in January then certainly next summer.

Some other sites have been making reference to this as well, and it was a decision we never agreed with in the first place, but Greg Docherty’s loan to Shrewsbury is going as well as we’d expected here at Ibrox Noise, given we were some of the lad’s biggest supporters.

No one was more surprised than us when Docherty admitted in Malaga that, unlike Gerrard with Rossiter, Windass and a host of others, the ex-Hamilton man had not been given the privilege of a one-on-one meeting with his new manager, leading us to immediately wonder if this may be a player simply not in Stevie’s plans.

We considered this a mistake, for on top of his clear ability was his understanding of what it means to be a Rangers player. But he didn’t moan, didn’t complain, and we raised that point too – Greg Docherty got his head down, made the request for a loan to get first team football rather than just sitting on the bench picking up a nice wage.

This only made us admire him more – no griping or whining to the media, just knuckling down and trying to force his way back into the Rangers side the right way.

And his performances at the New Meadow have vindicated all those who have faith in him as a future Rangers captain and future Scotland international.

It is true that his form dipped a little post-Old Firm in March, but then he was being paired with Graham Dorrans who isn’t a defensive midfielder in a million years. Over at Shrewsbury he’s playing as a DM in the centre of a three so has two men for support around him, and that proper management is playing dividends and he’s even scoring.

Sure, it’s League One, but just like Jason Cummings at Peterborough Docherty is thriving as the main midfield man in their team.

We really do consider Docherty’s departure an error. We don’t really know why Gerrard didn’t see him as part of his regime, and it certainly has nothing to do with age given Ejaria (20) and Coulibaly (22) are pretty much certain picks.

The truth is, as good as things are right at this present moment at Ibrox, we would certainly rather our own paid players were owning our midfield as opposed to loans from other teams. Gerrard certainly has John Askey's number....

Greg Docherty is certainly good enough to do this and we welcome him back ASAP.


  1. I think with Greg getting regular first team football at the moment is the best thing for him and the club. He can build his game without the pressure he would be under with our fickle fans, great fans but fickle. Right now he would not be a first pick so he will come back stronger and be mentally able to play a huge role for Rangers. I have no problem playing our lone players if they are better than what we have.

    1. Agree. Needs to play. How much is young McCrorie learning at the moment sitting on the bench?

  2. Id get Him back up the road in January.

    And have a Midfield of
    Arfield - Doche - Coulibaly

    The Lad is like A Young Ferguson...
    He Bleeds Rangers😃💪 🔴⚪⭕

  3. I'm glad he's doing well down in Shrewsbury. I'm wondering how the boy Barjonas is doing, also. Another good Rangers youngster.

  4. Barjonas was one of the young mob a few years ago caught sitting in The Chamber of Secrets among the fhilth fans.Just saying.

  5. No error here - the lad has potential and if it starts to blossom in EFL 1 it will show he can cope with a standard better than most of the SPL. He might then force himself into our squad but at the moment, he is not at the level of our currrent midfielders. Sounds like he’s growing up fast which is great news. Not sure about the Cummings comments - warming the bench lately and stopped scoring.


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