Modest seven figure sum can secure early January signing of 21-year old…


Following Ryan Kent’s confirmation he would love to stay at Ibrox, it would be evident he’s a player his loan manager would want to keep.

As Kent himself has said, that is a discussion to take place between the powers-that-be at each club, but is it feasible to consider him this year’s ‘Declan John’? An unlauded player struggling in his career who came to Ibrox on loan in the summer and then got made permanent the following January?

And equally what sort of fee would Rangers be looking at shelling out to buy Kent?

We know top class wingers are not cheap, but equally Liverpool are well aware there is little to no chance Kent will break into their front line any time soon, which is exactly the same issue Harry Wilson had/has.

As talented as our flying flanker clearly is, Liverpool’s trident is another world, another level, and the attacker is certainly at best a development player at Anfield (through no fault of his own) or outright surplus.

This could reduce the price a little.

Rangers and Liverpool have a good working relationship these days thanks to the Gerrard Effect – Gerrard is managing to secure one or two fine young players from Klopp’s crew, and of course we did them a huge favour (cynical but ultimately true) with Jordan Rossiter.

We do feel while a player of Kent’s undoubted talent is worth at least £5M on the current market, the relationship between the clubs could see Gerrard seize him for considerably less and maybe only even a modest sum breaking into the seven figures mark.

Either way, Kent has to be considered a serious option as an early January signing when he says things like this:

“It’s something I’d consider. The fans are great here. Rangers are an amazing club, but that’s a conversation they need to have with Liverpool, not me.”

Make that conversation, Rangers!


  1. When he first came here, l hated him thought he wasn't Rangers quality and glad he made me eat my words, would love him to sign a permanent deal


  2. Rossiter will have tae start cutting the mustard soon, or he must be, doon the road. We're NOT a charity. Though, i'm starting to think so. Injured Grezda, injured Macauley and he was bought, crocked?? Rossiter wage thievery. I mean, financially, that doesn't sound like sound business, to me. No, i'm not taking a pop, at anybody. It's just that some, seem to have forgotten that a football club is, at the end of the day, a business and has to turn a profit.

  3. If your suggesting that Liverpool will accept less than market value for Kent because Gerrard is our manager then you really are kidding yourselves. Why would any club, or any business at all do such a stupid thing potentially giving away millions of pounds.
    Next you'll be telling us that Rangers have decided to sell Greg Docherty to Kelty Hearts for 50 quid cos Barry Ferguson is reportedly going to be thier new manager.

    More realistically we should hope that Rossiter gets over his admittedly frustrating run of injuries and a few years from now will be leaving us as a Rangers legend for enough money to buy half a dozen players of Kents quality.

  4. Kent is having a good run and I agree we should look to sign him. Just because the clubs seem to be "getting on well" I don't think mates rates will apply!! The player has a market value which any purchaser will have to meet – the good news in my opinion is that this will be nearer to £1 million. He hasn't proved himself anywhere else so the £5 million quoted in the article doesn't really stand scrutiny.

  5. I say we need to cut Rossiter Loose.

    As for Kent…Sign Him Up

    We could always offer £3mill and Give them Rossiter Back? 😂😂

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