Is Rangers star ready for a shock call from England?


If one thing stood out about the signing of Connor Goldson from Brighton, it was the number of fans of the Seagulls genuinely gutted at him leaving.

The 25-year old stopper has been a revelation in Scotland, slipping into Rangers like a glove, and showing just why Brighton fans wanted to keep him.

Admittedly with his health issues and injury troubles they understood why he had been unable to hold down a place at Falmer Stadium, but nevertheless this was a player surely good enough to contend for an England call up.

And with his former team mate Lewis Dunk now possibly a regular part of Gareth Southgate’s national squad, it doesn’t seem beyond the realm of chance that Goldson could be on the cusp of a phone call himself.

Southgate has focused on getting rid of the egos from the national team and rebuilding with the younger players, and Goldson at only 25 doesn’t seem that far away from an unexpected request.

Fans might think it’s a preposterous notion, but then was Alfredo Morelos’ cap for Colombia so preposterous? Katic’s for Croatia?

It is true that Goldson never represented England at youth level, but his health issues didn’t help there. And it is clear he’s a player maturing with age and developing into a very special defender.

England are a side rebuilding, and going with young players with potential – and Goldson, for us, has every bit a legitimate shout of getting a foothold in the national team as anyone.

His talent has been evident, and Rangers have been lucky to take advantage of a situation which saw him a fringe player at Brighton and more than capable of holding his own in their (and better teams’) starting XI.

Don’t be completely shocked if an upcoming nations league break sees a call up for Goldson.


  1. Have to admit the England side looked like they lacked a natural central defender during the world cup. They didn't play badly but its the 1 position that looked weak. Suppose time will tell, some national coaches overlook smaller league players.

  2. Yes!
    Goldson could Easily slot in Beside Dier/Smalling/Maguire etc 💪🔴⚪⭕

    Would Be Delighted for Him if does get a Call! …Connor Deserves It!

  3. No chance. The English don't rate the League and don't rate any performances from Scottish games.
    Would have to get into the champions league and play well there first.

  4. Hes Ready but like BigBaws has Mentioned, He wont get Selected because in England they look down their Nose at The SPL.

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