Important; a crucial message for Rangers fans and Scottish football


As every man, woman and child in Scotland surely knows now, the SFA ditched Paul Gascoigne’s rightful entrance to Scottish football’s Hall of Fame.

The reaction has been telling. We have barely witnessed a single fan, regardless of club allegiances, endorse this appalling decision, and now the fans have decided to take this up in the proper channels.

Thanks to Steven Yates and Scott Winning (who alerted Ibrox Noise to this), fans now have a petition we can sign to spread the word that we will not stand for this flagrant disregard of humanity, morals and decency in favour of petty agendas and humiliation of one of Scottish football’s finest ever.

Sign this petition to ensure the bigwigs at the top of our game have to listen, and reverse their staggeringly heartless decision to decline his entry to where he belongs, because if enough people contribute (it stands at around 10,000 at the time of writing) to it they have to.

We urge you all, whether Rangers, Celtic, Hibs, Dumbarton or anyone else – sign this petition, spread the word of it, and ensure Paul Gascoigne is place in the Hall of Fame.

Where he belongs.

Sign here:


  1. Done… I know it would be a big ask but instead of just coming out and complaining I’d love some of those in the hall of fame to take a step Futher and to be asked to be removed

    • Why not all existing (living) Rangers players withdraw from the Hall of Fame to add credence to the petition. I know that's easy to say, but I know if it was me, idI have no hesitation.

  2. Done hopefully get this disgusting decision rightfully over turned.proud of how are fans have took this further we just keep on showing who the truly best fans in the world are

  3. Signed… You’d think more from the Football world would have something to say about this.. More so the English lads that played with him at Spurs and the National Team..

  4. …and Everyone wonders why Rangers Sing Messages like 'Fuck The SFA' etc

    Absolute Disgrace!

    Gazza was one of the top 3 players to grace The Scottish Game …FACT!

    His well known problems with Alcohol etc have NOTHING to do with his previous years footballing Ability.

    And like Vinnie Jones said on the Alan Brazil Talkshow …are they gonna punish other sportsmen who have had "Issues" such as Freddie Flintoff

    Of Course They Arent't!
    Its Because its Rangers!!!

    Their is a poisonous Agenda against Rangers within Scottish Football and it makes me sick 😠

  5. Don't forget this came from an article in the herald written by mr scumbag neil Cameron he's the one that started the ball rolling and getting his friends from the east end to complain and we all know how much they like to complain, and the complaints got this reversed.

  6. Aiden ….no laughing at the back, has taken to the Hoootsmon to justify the shambles. Given players he names in his piece youd think he had an issue with Rangers foreign stars. Bigot or xenophobe or probably both.

  7. SIGNED, seems disgraceful to be nominated then to be completely withdrawn. Hang your heads in utter shame. The guy is a legend , and everyone in football knows it, weather we’re blue , green or any other colour we all know this is WRONG. The SFA needs to be fully changed. You’ll always be our Legend gazza, Mayve get this petition on a larger scale as the guy is loved worldwide.

  8. I’ve read on other forums Celtic fans amongst others stating that Gazza being in the Scottish hall of fame would be wrong because he’s English. Would that then mean removing Henrik Larsson who was added along with Brain Laudrup in 2006 ?. Think those opinions would change if they actually knew This fact.

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