Sunday, 14 October 2018

Important; a crucial message for Rangers fans and Scottish football

As every man, woman and child in Scotland surely knows now, the SFA ditched Paul Gascoigne’s rightful entrance to Scottish football’s Hall of Fame.

The reaction has been telling. We have barely witnessed a single fan, regardless of club allegiances, endorse this appalling decision, and now the fans have decided to take this up in the proper channels.

Thanks to Steven Yates and Scott Winning (who alerted Ibrox Noise to this), fans now have a petition we can sign to spread the word that we will not stand for this flagrant disregard of humanity, morals and decency in favour of petty agendas and humiliation of one of Scottish football’s finest ever.

Sign this petition to ensure the bigwigs at the top of our game have to listen, and reverse their staggeringly heartless decision to decline his entry to where he belongs, because if enough people contribute (it stands at around 10,000 at the time of writing) to it they have to.

We urge you all, whether Rangers, Celtic, Hibs, Dumbarton or anyone else – sign this petition, spread the word of it, and ensure Paul Gascoigne is place in the Hall of Fame.

Where he belongs.

Sign here:

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