Thursday, 18 October 2018

How Rangers' striker problem could be solved by forgotten 23-year old...

When Rangers signed Joe Dodoo in the summer of 2016, hopes were high given this was a Leicester City graduate, with YouTube videos galore of his goals in the EFL cup especially.

Fans weren’t terribly familiar with him, but his pedigree gave him some major hype, and after we brought you the exclusive news here at Ibrox Noise of his confirmed signing, we truly thought we had something special.

A quick, powerful and clinical finisher with a boatload of potential, Dodoo looked like he might fit in perfectly at Ibrox, and after the first couple of months in which his goals seemed to back up an element of the hype, he became thoroughly vaunted.

Then… as it so often does… it just stopped. He lost any sense of his place, rarely being used except fleeting appearances on the wings despite him preferring being through the middle.

So, a bunch of loans ensued, and his latest (following his disaster at Charlton) is at League One Blackpool, so going by his stats is there some way back for Dodoo at Ibrox?

Well, Dodoo has made seven appearances so far this season, and has a solitary goal – scored from the flank. He’s managed a sole assist in the league cup, and that really is about as productive as it’s gotten.

But, again, all his appearances on the seaside have been wing bar one, and we have to wonder if that’s getting the best out of him.

Like the Josh Windass puzzle, this is another case of a player persistently being played in their sub-optimal position rather than their best, regardless of who their manager is.

We do still believe a little in the Ghanaian. We don’t claim he’s superior to Alfredo Morelos by any means – a very different player. But with Umar Sadiq’s rather feeble Ibrox spell a topic of continued concern, Dodoo is a striker who, played in the centre, has done it at SPL level before.

We don’t want to give up on him just yet, not till he’s had a run of a few games at Ibrox – if he doesn’t deliver at that point, we’d accept defeat.

But Dodoo could well be a hidden gem who’s every inch capable of scoring at SPL level regularly.

He just needs a chance.


  1. Are you having a laugh this guy should be nowhere near our club next year another duff signing bin him .

  2. Seems unlikely since a string of managers, including Gerrard and other clubs, have consistently refused to pick him.

  3. The Scottish second division is about his level, absolutely rank rotten

  4. No! No! And No!
    He is Not Good Enough! ...End Of!
    ...Id Play Hardie/Rudden before Dodoo

    He doesnt have it in him to be a regular goalscorer (20-30gls a Season)

    League One in England would Probably Be His Level.

    He Obviously has Something Missing/Wrong with Him/His Game if 3+ Managers have all Failed to Utilise Him.

    Punt Him Somewhere ...£500k 👍


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