Monday, 15 October 2018

Has key Rangers target's summer rejection led to possible stunning January signing?

If one player has stood out in recent fixtures, it’s been the astonishing Ryan Kent. From starting as a player who didn’t quite fit in, Kent has grown in stature to arguably the best player on current form, and has confirmed he would love to stay at Ibrox permanently (January?). This takes Ibrox Noise back to the summer, and the fact Kent was the “plan B” to the failed endeavours of bringing fellow Liverpool starlet Harry Wilson to Govan.

On loan at Hull at the time, Wilson was the POTY in the Championship and was set for great things. Steven Gerrard was desperate to secure him, but was unable to as he chose Frank Lampard’s Derby instead.

Meanwhile Rangers fans reckoned we were having to settle for a ‘Barnsley failure’ instead, and the capture of Kent wasn’t lauded by many bar Gerrard himself.

Fast forward to now – Kent is a regular, and getting better, and better, and better, while Wilson is struggling at Derby with one league goal and no assists, and isn’t making the squad half the time either.

If nothing else indicated Steven Gerrard ended up with the better deal, it’s this.

Wilson’s underwhelming season at Pride Park isn’t something we revel in of course, but it does suggest Rangers missed an amazing bullet this summer and got ourselves a player who truly wants to be at Ibrox. Not content with impressing us all, Kent wants to become one of us. Whereas Wilson outright rejected us for Lampard's lot.

In all fairness it’s not exactly ruining Derby’s season – they sit in a very healthy 8th place albeit they’ll have ambitions for higher, but equally Lampard would have had high hopes for Wilson, which don’t appear to be materialising.

Whereas Kent seems to have found his calling, following years of bad loans and his failure to feel settled.

Now that he has, Rangers are benefiting.


  1. I'm not quite sure missing out on Harry Wilson can be seen as dodging a bullet. When they beat Man U in the EFL cup he was outstanding, his free kick goal was one of the best goals you will ever see from a free kick. I'm sure if Harry Wilson had experienced the Gerrard regime he too would have been a resounding success up here, I am just glad that we got Kent as missing both would have been a tragedy.

  2. Lets not get carried away here .We had a lot of hype on other transfer windows in January that came to nothing . Also The Fatman is back on the scene and to me that only causes hassle and money so hold fire for the transfers .

  3. Wee bit of subject but im glad we did not get mccleish .The guy is past his sell by date .He was good for us back in the day but he is now a failure .

  4. Glad we got Kent Instead of Wilson

    1. Kent WANTED to play for us,
    Wilson onviously thought He was Above Us.

    2. Kent is Humble and Hardworking, And Wilsons A Little Knob.


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