Has Gerrard made the right call over midfield star?


Steven Gerrard’s affirmation that he isn’t giving up on Graham Dorrans is probably what the manager should say, given the dark days the ex-Norwich man is going through again, but does he mean it?

And if he does, is it a mistake?

Ibrox Noise regulars will know we loved Dorrans’ cameo in Spain, and the former Scotland international proved his quality absolutely, winning us sceptics here over in the process.

But then disaster struck again, and after an injury-destroyed first season at Ibrox a horrible sense of deja-vu has sprung with the news he’s got upcoming surgery and is expected to be AWOL till next spring.

Gerrard said:

“The diagnosis is that Graham, alongside the medical department and the surgeon, have decided the best course of action is for him to go and have more surgery. He has had an operation on his knee and he will be missing until after Christmas, which is disappointing for him and for us. We won’t give up on him, we will give him the support.”

It’s the right thing for Gerrard to say, but sadly, it’s got Niko Kranjcar written all over it – a 30+ player whose body is screaming at him now, who simply isn’t physically strong enough or able enough to withstand the rigours of top-flight football any more.

Horribly, we also have to mention the medical bills we are paying for here on top of his wages – and it’s all we’ve really done since we signed him.

This player has cost a lot more than the £1.5M return and sadly has been unable to deliver anything worthwhile over the piece for it.

Gerrard has probably said the right thing for Dorrans’ mental health as much as anything, but there will come a time when we may have had enough of this crushingly depressingly failed signing.


  1. Wtf are you'se lot on, Dozza was injured on that fucking placky pitch at kilmarnock and i think he was brought back too soon,as for medical bills kilmarnock should be paying them,these plastic pitches should be baned before someone has a career ending injury…No Surrender…

  2. Here's my 2 cents on our centre midfield.

    Right off the bat i'm counting JR & GD as complete write offs. Both should probably move on or retire.

    The loan boys (OE & LC) can go back where they came from, january or summer.

    From here i'm gonna do it by position. To play 3 centre mids well each needs their own well defined role; defensive/ball winner, box to box grafter & advanced playmaker. With just one addition we could tick all boxes.

    Defensive – Ryan Jack with Ross McCrorie his understudy for lesser matches.

    Box to box – Greg Docherty with Jamie Barajonas his deputy.

    Playmaker – Steve Davis & Scott Arfield rotating.

    6 players for 3 spots, good quality and blooding youth.

    • Agree with you Mate 👏

      JR and GD should be Finished at the Club.

      The Loan Lads
      OE, JW, US can go but id Keep Coulibaly and Kent

      Defensive ✔
      Box to Box ✔
      Playmaker ❌

      (I would not take Davis Back)

    • Jordan Rossiter isn't injured ffs! The boy has just came back after a horrendous start to his Rangers career and you want him out the door! At least lets see how he goes now he's back eh. After all a fit Rossiter is not only the best defensive mid at Rangers, he would very quickly become the best in Scotland by a long way…Give him a chance. Wouldn't take Davis back either, he's finished!

    • He might not be Injured but He is Injury Prone!

      How many matches has he played in the last 2/3years? …2…3

      Cut him Loose and Save 12k a Wk

    • Or what if he's finally over his injuries and we cut loose potentially the best midfielder in the country in a season of two. A quality midfielder costs millions! We may have a gem and by all accounts he's a quality player and only 21. I say one more chance, if he's injured badly again before Xmas then yes cut loose and move on..watp

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