Gerrard stunner; Rangers fans will deeply worried by the latest…


Steven Gerrard last night began, for the first time, to make some genuinely worrying comments some Rangers fans may be more than a touch concerned with.

Recent comments by readers on Ibrox Noise have, just tentatively, questioned his attacks on his players, wondering if his warnings and threats are ruining team unity Jose Mourinho at Manchester United style, and if the manager might in fact be doing more harm than good. Well, now he has added his own sacking or resignation to the mix.

In some truly sinister comments, the boss said:

“I watch closely and if they go into a shell then they’ve got a problem because you shouldn’t be at Rangers if you go into a shell. It’s the wrong place. They can’t do it. There’s been too many players here of late that are prepared to go into that shell. We can’t have them round here. It can’t happen.”

This is a clear attack on a number of the players he has at his disposal, and is bad enough to read that.

But then he adds:

“The business I am in, it is cut throat, it is brutal. If we keep suffering setbacks and results like that moving forward, I am not going to be here. You have to be blunt. It is cut throat, that is the way it is. Don’t sign up for it, don’t come here if you are not prepared to cope with that responsibility and pressure. You shouldn’t be here.”

Whether he is already suggesting and pre-empting his resignation or suggesting he’ll be fired is unclear, but let us be frank:

These are now becoming unacceptable comments for the manager of Glasgow Rangers to make.

These are words a Walter or Souness made in the dressing room – not to the media.

And while we respect Gerrard for what he has achieved in the game, he is starting to make some evident mistakes under pressure in this job in terms of conduct and quotes, and they must be tightened up.

While we appreciate honesty, there comes a point where it’s starting to get downright masochistic and self-deprecating.

And none of this sentiment is going to do the players an ounce of good going into tonight’s match with Killie.


  1. Unacceptable i dont think so,the ibrox hotel is no closed too many players play great for their clubs then sign for Rangers and do fuck all,sit back thinking this is a cushy wee number,Iam with Stevie on this one i want 100% from the players,i said i wanted a hardman in that will take no shit and thats what ive got keep it up Stevie,we've tried the nice approach before with other managers and the players just took the piss 🇬🇧 WATP

  2. All good with me. The players need a boot up the bottom and that's what he's doing. Not sure if you're joking about him suggesting it's unclear whether he's implying he's going to resign. Takes some pretty twisted thinking to believe that's what he's saying. As we all know, there have been too many passengers recently. Using the press to call them out adds a little more weight to the request for accountability. I don't think there's much to be concerned about, other than what Gerrard is concerned about. Coulibaly obviously got a rocket at half time and was a different player 2nd half on Sunday, had been invisible until then. Tonight will be good, don't panic.

  3. I'd be much more concerned if he were playing down losing a cup semi final.Hes hurt and he's letting the fans and players know that its unacceptable.

  4. NOT deeply worried in the slightest, i am not even worried at all about his comments. The guys is honest and wears his heart on his sleeve and the players should be doing the same.
    If results away don't improve then its not just the players jobs that are on the line its his and the back room staff too, so whats wrong with admitting that he is aware of this?

  5. Get a grip. Life has moved on . The media is far more demanding than 20 years ago. Gerrard is correct full stop. And players get paid much more.

  6. I thought it was a dig at the players from previous regimes where past managers accepted this from players. Don't think thats aimed at anyone in particular in his squad that he's brought in anyway. Not a chance in hell Stevie's even contemplated resigning, are you mental?! If we drop points tonight it'll be interesting to see what he says. Can't fault him for saying that and good on him sticking up gor Rossiter. Reporter should be asking that to question to Tav/Jack or anyone playing regularly under him

  7. What Stevie said was a breath of fresh air! 100% behind this rallying cry as he has funds to strengthen and is threatening the players to up their game. Saw plenty of managers do this in public. Don't want another softy like Murty letting players think it's acceptable to lose games which he did! You're wrong on this IN.

  8. Players have always said they want to hear the truth from their managers, they have a lot of respect for SG and they will fight for him, no doubt about it. There is too much being made of this result, Aberdeen didn't overrun us, they were made to look like the shite team that they are and one of their players got on the end of a set piece, that's all they did.

  9. I was wondering how long it would take IN to start turning on Gerrard. Didn't take long. How you can take what was said and interpret it as being talk of resignation or a sacking is beyond me.

    • Sorry to but in, however Gerrard is doing great at Rangers , he has lost 3 games?
      He is saying if the players continue to be complacent then everyone is at risk.

    • I would interpret "I am not going to be here" as he will get sacked if the players don't shape up. I think you have written a badly judged article and the comments support that. Gerrard is telling it as it is. Shape up or ship out. I think you should reconsider your comments.

    • Hi Rob, we stand resolutely by every word in this article. Incidentally, we actually said in it that he feared the sack, so quite honestly the outrage is a little embarrassing.

    • There is no outrage. I merely commented on how your article was out of touch with everyone. You say that Gerrard made genuinely worrying comments and the overwhelming response was that no one was worried. No one agreed with you and everyone agrees Gerrard should not be accepting mediocrity. If it continues he will be out the door, or the players, or both(again).
      Sourness and Smith may well have said some of these things in the dressing room but times have changed. As we recover from the dark days I think it's important that the fans are aware that he is not prepared to stand still and is letting the players know that performances just aren't good. If the players don't like it then maybe Glasgow Rangers is not the club for them.

    • Sorry, meant outrage in general, not you. And everyone once thought the earth is flat and that Pedro was a good choice. We at Ibrox Noise thought Umar Sadiq was Messi. No one gets it right all of the time. But we still stand by our comments.

  10. Well said Steve,these players are well paid and looked after. Most fans who follow the team week in and out know exactly where Steve is coming from. Ok Sunday was a bad day but sometimes it reminds us we are not as good as we should be, keep going Steve you have lifted the club and gave us belief we are on the right road.

  11. Gerrard is pointing out hell be sacked if players continue to play like Sunday. Overreaction by this site to an honest opinion.

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