Saturday, 20 October 2018

Gerrard reveals dramatic development with summer signing...

This summer Rangers struggled badly to secure striking talent. Kyle Lafferty was signed near the end of the window, of course, but the only name otherwise to come in was the much-vaunted Umar Sadiq who was arriving from Italy having had a fine season in Holland.

This mountain of a boy was going to tear up the SPL, right?

As we know, it’s all been a bit of a mare with young Sadiq, leaving his manager to resort to publicly attacking him, trying to get a reaction and make him raise his level.

If Steven Gerrard’s latest comments are anything to go by, it not only worked but Sadiq is in his thinking for tomorrow.

Rangers’ boss said:

“He has shown improvement. He’s been working very hard, he’s got his head down. He’s improved a lot, his application’s improved and his quality’s improved so yeah, he’s given me something to think about in the future. I don’t know if my warning helped him, that’s something you’d have to ask Umar. Sometimes when a manager is honest with you sometimes you have to self-reflect and go away and if you’re a proper footballer and a good footballer you analyse, self-reflect and come back stronger.”

Given Lafferty’s ban and the artificial pitch tomorrow, not only might Sadiq find himself on the bench but an outside bet of starting as well.

And who’d have thought that a couple of weeks ago.


  1. Looks like another good piece of man management. No longer will players control the training pitch. If ur not giving 100% then don’t expect to be picked. And if ur not then don’t complain or else everyone will know ur not doing all you should. Says it all the week that Lafferty gets himself banned he also gets his head down and sticks into training. Hopefully the lad is wise enough to look up to experienced players and take advice. Even if he needs a public rebuke to get him motivated

  2. Players respect good man-management and a Manager who knows how to discipline his team members, if they step out of line. Murty blew sunshine up them and never got them told, about anything. Too weak, his style. Sorry Graeme, but it's true. You let them run the show. Not, the other way around.

  3. I Hope that this helps him go up a gear and Kick On now.

    But I would still punt him back to Roma.

    Id Get Solanke/Batshuayi on Loan and Sign Another Attacker Permanently.


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