Monday, 8 October 2018

Four big January decisions for Steven Gerrard?

Something slightly unconventional has been happening in recent matches at Ibrox – almost half the team has been taken up by loan players.

We can’t quite remember any time in recent history where we selected four players who weren’t our permanent signings in one lineup, but Steven Gerrard has done it twice in a row this past week.

Which therefore begs the question – which loans do fans want to keep and which ones would they let go back to their parent clubs?

There will be a poll for you fine readers at the end to submit your choices, but Ibrox Noise will get the ball rolling over which of the four we’d like to retain permanently.

Joe Worrall:

After an underwhelming start, he had a good one on Thursday before regressing a touch yesterday – there’s something overall just unconvincing about him, and frankly we feel like we can do better. If he’d taken most of his Vienna form into Sunday we’d maybe go easier on him, but we suspect we’re not the only ones who have major doubts about him. Verdict: goes back

Ryan Kent:

Has improved week on week and might just be our best player right now. Really exciting kid, filled with tricks, and while he still has to work on the assists and goals, he’s scaring the life out of defenders. Wants to stay now. Verdict: sign

Ovie Ejaria:

Ovie is a divisive one. Some fans rate this kid very highly indeed, with some observers claiming he’s a future England international. He just hasn’t convinced us to the same level, and it’s a moot point anyway because he’s never shown any real interest in staying regardless. Verdict: Ambitions are with Liverpool

Lassana Coulibaly:

He hasn’t been quite the same player since his return as he was pre-injury, but equally he took about four or five matches to really get going in the first place. On his game he’s a brilliant destroyer, working hard and helps support attack, but he does seem a slow starter as well. Still a very good player. Verdict: try to sign

Over to you lot. Pick the loans you’d keep of the four we currently have.

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