Dismal Rangers got what they deserved


Once again Steven Gerrard’s Rangers show they can’t perform at a stadium that isn’t Ibrox.

For all the possession and some decent individual displays (honourable mentions to Candeias, Kent, and the surprisingly decent Sadiq, dive aside) it was nevertheless the usual powderpuff rubbish that is becoming a serious and dreadful issue away from Govan this season.

We’ve been so positive about Steven Gerrard and the influence he’s had, but this inability for his men to deliver away from home is becoming a colossal crutch to bear.

Remember – Aberdeen are rubbish – it’s the worst Aberdeen for years, and Rangers have played them twice outside Ibrox and failed to win either attempt.

This one was even more costly, as it has denied us a massive shot at Celtic for a trophy, but equally, is that such a bad thing given our players don’t seem to have any bottle away from home?

And before anyone argues about lacking Morelos, he’s been heavily present in other diabolical away displays so that one doesn’t wash.

The stats for this match were damning – 0 shots on target in 90. And that tells the story of a Rangers unable to show any quality in the final third.

It is evident Gerrard is making some great strides – Ibrox the Fortress slowly but surely. But alas the cost of this is our team cannot produce anything meaningful away from home.

Until that changes, until we start to produce clinical and professional away performances, this Rangers will continue to frustrate and infuriate us fans for the foreseeable future.


  1. Back to the same old shite,to many passes going nowhere same on thursday night,why wait so long to make a change gerrard get a grip are you watching a different game its not working,absolute crap

    • Do you know the difference between a team that’s been maturing for years versus us who are trying to rebuild?
      You embarrass yourself with every comment you make

    • Lewis Ferguson has just turned 19. Played 6 games for Aberdeen. Maturity my arse. Only whisky matures and in a bottle. Rangers don't have bottle.

    • Nonsense Wilkins, you're trying to make excuses for Gerrard!

      This is an Aberdeen team who are also building and have brought in 10 players this year at a cost of £0. It's a team full of loanees and freebies. You're making out if Aberdeen have had the same squad for years! This is the Aberdeen that Gerrard has now declared twice that aren't on the same level as his Rangers team…Hmm. Yes by the looks of it today they look a level above us.

      Absolutely no excuses today. It was poor management, poor players he couldn't motivate, players out of position and subs coming on with 10 mins to go…usual from Gerrard. He has a lot to learn before he can be considered anything close to a good manager..

  2. Don't want to post this but I must Steven Gerrard got it wrong today The substitution s were woi little too late…Arfield would have changed the game …Halliday would added some urgency …Candaillas was frustrating …

  3. Joke of a performance from Gerrard and the team! Tav n candieas can't deliver a cross. Gerrard AGAIN took too long to make a change. Gerrard AGAIN didn't utilise his squad after playing a midweek game! Arfield, Rossiter, Middleton and Halliday didn't play midweek so why are they not starting today? Clueless!

  4. Why is tavernier taking all the fucking corners and free kicks,2 games in a row he couldn't cross the fucking road,and what about the subs 80 minutes down 1 nill,As for Sadiq 20 minutes all season and he's thrown into the biggest game of the season so far….No Surrender….

  5. Well the Gaffer was found out day.. To much loyalty to some of those players. Candeias might help Tav out defensively but his final product has been brutal at times. Push Tav forward and switch Flanagan to his normal side and put Halliday at LB. Gerrard talking about winning cups – it’ll be another 7 year wait with selections and performances like that – utter pish!!

    One shot on target for fucksake – instead of talking to the media get back on the training pitch and practice shooting… Getting beat by that mob is worse than getting beat by Celtic – hang yer heads in shame players and management!

    • I am disapointed like all the bears but lets be brutally honest we have a manager who looks like he could be the real Deal
      Problem is a Chairman who will not spend
      Please spare me the Andy Haliday drivel we never won anything with him in the team before and we sure as shit is shit aint going to win hee haw with him in the team now-Blue nose he may be but Premier league Class for sure NOT
      The other half have spent 9million on a Striker
      We make do with loan signings and players other teams dont want
      I keep saying it again and again the Problem is Quality
      We lack that and we need to spend
      Players Like Eraja (will not make the grade anywhere) are not good enough to win trophies
      Get rid of king and maybe we can get silverware WITH King there will be NO Silverware whoever the manager is
      And until the Bears wake up and face reality it will be the same old story a semi final maybe even a Final third in the League and NO TROPHIES

    • Scim Bob – your talking nonsense! – Aberdeen have brought in 10 players this season, loan deals and freebies. Gerrard has spent more than Motherwell, Livingston, Aberdeen put together and hasn't beaten any of them, so your point is totally null and void. Gerrard has had every single thing he has asked for and more. He has more coaches, more scouts, and more transfer budget than the last two managers and he has performed worse than then both in the SPFL so far. He cose to bring in Sadiq, he also chose to sanction wage rises for certain players that costs many more millions a year. Gerrards problem is making subs with 10 mins to go thinking he is still in the under 19's league. John Flanagan was one of the standouts in the EPL a few years ago in RB. Gerrard plays him leftback where he clearly isn't comfortable. And he does it simply so he can fit Tav in the team who is defensively the worst right back in the clubs history probably and certainly the worst captain in the history of the club! buckles every single big game without fail. Candieas is the only winger ive seen who doesnt actually run at players and dribble by them or hit the byline. Bottom line Gerrard had the money, maybe not enough to beat Celtic but certainly enough to beat the others and he failed miserably. End of!

    • William Head in the Sand Mate Stick with King at your Peril
      And i may add if you dont get what i,m saying you and the rest of Kings followers do the club an Injustice
      Be Brave and throw King out its the only way forward

    • I'm not Kings biggest fan mate, but come on you have to be fair. He's found the money for Gerrard and his staff, He's found the money to replace a whole team, he's found money to give wage rises and he has certainly given Gerrard enough to resources to be doing much better than he is. That's all I'm saying. This season is nothing to do with King penny pinching. Gerrard told him what he needed for a challenge and he was provided with it so how can it be Kings fault? Again I'm not a King fan and think there could be much better out there for us than him at the top.

  6. Too ponderous. Wingers taking too long to get the ball in. No drive through the middle. Tavs corners and delivery from free kicks was woeful.

  7. Utter garbage again! Tav couldn't cross a ball! It's absolutely nonsense! They have to bring their A game if they don't bring it, they are not going to win it. Up your game Rangers!

  8. not surprise by today s result, we have been poor the last few weeks at best, to many ganes were not performance, no where near good enough

  9. what a shambles clueless ,gerrard has been upping there wages and contracts ,wheres all these superstars hes signed ,give me docherty ,mcorie guys that play for jersey ,we could have played for another 90 min and not scored today ,we all seen that coming apart from mr gerrard

  10. Gerard keeps on saying he's to blame for poor results/performances and he's right to say this,but more worryingly he doesn't have clue how/when to fix things as and when required,like making subs at proper times during the game or putting players in proper positions…Flanagan should be at right back with tav ahead of him,big sadiq being put upfront and hung out to dry as fans on other sites are blaming him
    He hasn't kicked a ball all season ffs…Gerard got it wrong Again and am getting fed up hearing the same shite after matches….watp helicopter 2005

  11. Jesus. We played without a striker today. Aberdeen were incredibly lucky. It’s a long haul. We will finish 2nd in league, qualify in Europe and win Scottish cup.

    • Alan, quite honestly why play with a striker. He wouldn't get a touch. We play " keep the ball." It should be "net the ball."
      To achieve your goals we need to drastically change our overly slow and meandering tactics to a swift penetrative style or we can forget all three. And I do not think Morelos or Lafferty can provide it.

  12. Rangers have too many Masterbators and not enough Penetrators. Come on Steve we need a prolific goalscorer. And a severe change in tactics.We simply don't have a ruthless streak and that is why we are losing games. No more post game apologies from Tav. Just transfer him back to England. He was again targeted by the Aberdeen goalkeeper who gave him more balls than McGregor. That should tell you somethin' A terrible lot of criticism coming your way and much of it deserved. Lets Go or just get off the potty.

  13. ive stayed off IN for months as my head was hurting. watching that mince today hasn't helped it. McGregor is a clown. should have been red carded. Sadiq or whatever hes called – jeeso couldn't get a game for Broughty Ferry amateurs never mind Roma under 12's and tactically SG couldn't tac a tic anywhere

  14. So what’s Sadiq then if not a striker? Aberdeen weren’t incredibly lucky they rode the storm and hit us with a sucker punch. Flanagan was getting destroyed on the left all day. SG picked Sadiq so it’s on him plain and simple.

    If we continue with that type of performance we’ll win hee haw this season – that’s being on honest. Not being deluded…

  15. How long does it take for Gerrard to realise that Tavernier is shit at taking free kicks and corners and why does he take so long to try and change things thats the poorest Aberdeen side that I have seen in a long time and yet they still beat us we are a long way away from being a team to be feared and why play a centre forward who has not played ninety minutes since we brought him in three games in row we have played against teams who play a formation of two banks of four we have won one thanks to two penalties drawn one without scoring and lost one time to look at formations to combat this we are so predictable in how we are set up

  16. Seen it coming. Too many people wanting to believe Gerrard is the next Greame Souness or Walter Smith when teh fact is he's closer to Warburton. We can cut it anyway we like but facts don't lie. Gerrard has been rotten in Scotland so far!

    Gerrard has won 1 game away from home(which was a fluke), he has us 5th in the league. We have been knocked out the first cup of the season, we have been humiliated by Celtic(albiet the post and bar making it not look as bad), we have failed to beat Aberdeen, Celtic, Livingston,Motherwell and I can't remember who else. His captain is the furtherst thing away from a captain I've ever seen at Ibrox. He plays Flanagan out of position, he makes subs in the last 10 minutes of games. I could go on…If he hadn't done so well in Europe people would already be calling for his head because the fact is simple…In Scotland he has been mediocre, end of!

  17. Better players out there in scotland and not getting a chance because hes buying duds or loanees get some fkg dig in the team instead of possers

  18. Every time we play a hard team mwell livie h ton we struggle they get into you and players hide get some fkg heart and dig into the fkg team now

  19. Absolute Pish!
    …Desrved to get Beat

    Id Rather we had kept Hardie/Rudden at the Club and played them in front of Sadiq.

  20. A lot of valid points here. Hate to say it, we need a Broon. That’s where we need to spend the money. Another striker required. Return our favourite loanees. Gerrard needs to prove he can listen and learn. I’m sure he can. We’re paying for our hubris here in not signing Naismith when we could easily have.

  21. Sadiq begged for this too. Absolute jank. Rangers fans embarrassed and let down, yet again. I never want to see that lanky waste of space in a team, again. How many times are they going to mug us off?? The excuses are wearing a bit thin, now. Arses need kicking and if we don't see benchings and punishments, something is v, wrong. Tav and Candeis need to go to crossing school. Flanagan turned, every which way. Pish! Pure crap! First piece of silverware lost and it's not even Xmas.

    • To be fair to Flanagan he is a RB, always has been and always will be. He made his name as one of the most exciting RB in the EPL when he broke through. Gerrard however thinks it's better ruining both fullback positions than hurting Tavs feelings so as a result Tav gets to run around in RB lost and panicking every time we have a big game and Flanagan has to run around playing on his weak side struggling. Drop Tav, sell him or move him forward and take the armband off him(embarassment to call him a Rangers captain), put Flanagan where he is best and get Barasic once fit in the leftback slot. Gerrard won't do that though…

  22. Scim Bob that’s your opinion and your entitled to it. Halliday would’ve done at LB until big Borna was back, not like he hasn’t played there before. As for your King remark that says it all – who would you have Ashley, Easdale??

    Answers on postcard I await your reply.,,

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