Sunday, 28 October 2018

Dismal Rangers got what they deserved

Once again Steven Gerrard’s Rangers show they can’t perform at a stadium that isn’t Ibrox.

For all the possession and some decent individual displays (honourable mentions to Candeias, Kent, and the surprisingly decent Sadiq, dive aside) it was nevertheless the usual powderpuff rubbish that is becoming a serious and dreadful issue away from Govan this season.

We’ve been so positive about Steven Gerrard and the influence he’s had, but this inability for his men to deliver away from home is becoming a colossal crutch to bear.

Remember – Aberdeen are rubbish – it’s the worst Aberdeen for years, and Rangers have played them twice outside Ibrox and failed to win either attempt.

This one was even more costly, as it has denied us a massive shot at Celtic for a trophy, but equally, is that such a bad thing given our players don’t seem to have any bottle away from home?

And before anyone argues about lacking Morelos, he’s been heavily present in other diabolical away displays so that one doesn’t wash.

The stats for this match were damning – 0 shots on target in 90. And that tells the story of a Rangers unable to show any quality in the final third.

It is evident Gerrard is making some great strides – Ibrox the Fortress slowly but surely. But alas the cost of this is our team cannot produce anything meaningful away from home.

Until that changes, until we start to produce clinical and professional away performances, this Rangers will continue to frustrate and infuriate us fans for the foreseeable future.

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