Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Chaos at Hampden as SPFL make another bizarre call

With last night’s news that the SPFL’s leave of their senses may have finally ended with the impending decision to switch one of the Betfred semis to Murrayfield, it only further confirms Neil Doncaster’s absolute unfitness for purpose in justifying the original double Hampden date as ‘suiting everyone’.

This man’s reign has been beset by a litany of failures, and this impalpable decision, while common sense finally appears to have prevailed, should never even have been discussed in the first place, never mind confirmed as a final decision.

Doncaster’s incompetence never ceases to amaze us, not just here at Ibrox Noise, but in Scottish football at large, and for him to not only sign off but attempt to justify the utterly ludicrous decision in the first place only undermines the slither of justification he has for keeping his job.

He claimed last night that he had requested Hampden waive their legal right to host both matches which he says was declined. A bit odd that this ‘confession’ never emerged until the outrage poured in.

He is essentially the highest figure in Scottish football, and with that power comes responsibility – this is, let’s not forget, the same guy who couldn’t find a sponsor for the SPL without Rangers in it. The top flight went sponsor-less for around 18 months until Ladbrokes got a cut-price deal before the return of Rangers.

Furthermore, Doncaster proudly announced a new overseas TV rights deal yesterday, failing to mention to everyone that that lucrative Chinese deal from 2015 expired in July and the last we heard this new deal, caused apparently by the middleman defaulting on payments (typical vetting by SPFL there), doesn’t cover any nation in the Asias at all.

But at least we’ll get the lucrative Palistinian cash as various freedom fighters take the day off to watch St Mirren.

Our governing body really does bewilder us.

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