Wednesday, 31 October 2018

An Open Forum for Rangers fans

After a disappointing result in Govan, Ibrox Noise decided to keep our thoughts to ourselves for now and open a forum in this piece to you, the valued reader.

Following the concession of our prized 100% record at Ibrox, and the loss of yet more points, it’s safe to say Rangers are on a bit of a precarious run, but we felt instead of throwing our opinion of what was good, bad, and indifferent tonight, we’d like to hear your views instead.

The wider support has been through the mill the past six+ years, and a 12 wins of 24 record for Steven Gerrard isn’t the most inspirational number to persuade us the route back to glory is straightforward.

  • What did you make of the match? 
  • What did you make of the team selection? 
  • How is Gerrard doing in your eyes? 
  • Which players are standing out for both right and wrong reasons?

We’ll start to cover things tomorrow but we’re really fascinated to hear what the fanbase themselves think.

Over to you Bears and Bearettes.

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