Monday, 1 October 2018

"A horribly quiet match", "an honourable display" - who rated worst and best for Rangers v Livi?

Ok, this is a ratings we kind of don’t want to do, but we feel obliged. But yes, Ibrox Noise will now take our readers through a rogue’s gallery of yesterday’s performers.

Feel free to angrily spit your lunch at the screen in rage of disagreement.

Allan McGregor:

Easily his worst display since returning, he was actually beaten all ends up three times, but two were mercifully near misses. The nutmeg goal will kill him, and his kicking was pretty horrific too. 3

James Tavernier:

He did try, especially in the second half, but it was a flat display with few of his usually decent crosses. He didn’t seem to be much of a leader and there was basically no link up at all with Candeias. 4

Joe Worrall:

To be entirely honest it’s the ‘best’ he played, which isn’t saying much. Managed a few clearances but generally still looks lost and completely unconvincing. Was exposed a few times, not least for the goal, and his passing was unreliable at best. 4

Connor Goldson:

His first touch on the ball was to pass it to a Livi attacker and nearly cause a goal. About summed up his afternoon even if it wasn’t quite the horror show he had against Killie. Absolutely hates the artificial turf. 5

Borna Barisic:

Another match which really passed Borna by, his impact in games still isn’t gathering momentum and he looks like he’s still settling. He was absolutely done for the goal, and is starting to show that defending is a weakness he needs to work on. Managed few useful crosses. 4

Lassana Coulibaly:

A horribly quiet match from Lassana again, lacking the energy we used to see from him. Didn’t break much up nor join in enough. Rightly subbed off. 3

Ovie Ejaria:

Until he got marked out, Rangers’ best player by a mile. Tried so hard to make things happen, and showed effort, class, and a very nice touch indeed. His technical qualities were obvious, but once he had man on, his impact was dramatically halted. 7

Scott Arfield:

One or two very nice passes including a fine through ball, but he’ll be disappointed he wasn’t able to have more impact or rally the midfield more than he did. 5

Kyle Lafferty:

Sadly, harsh truth time: his second debut v Motherwell is the only match he’s actually shown up for since his return. We love the boy, he’s one of us, and he tries, but right now he’s offering absolutely nothing aside the goals. Which, we guess, is enough? Another non-show in this one. 3

Daniel Candeias:

Danny is on thin ice now. He’s produced one assist all season (a big one, true) and a goal v Saints but otherwise his impact has been utterly negligible. He needs a rest, a long one, to regroup – this was another flat display in which he appeared invisible. 2

Alfredo Morelos:

Another of his Hyde displays, in Morelos’ defence he didn’t live up to that word literally but it was the petted-lip-play-for-himself-fall-all-over-the-place kind of display which frustrates all but his most ardent fans. May have been affected by reports his shambles for Colombia has seen him axed for the next squad. But yeah, pretty awful. 2


Ryan Kent:

Our best player, by a mile, Ryan tried to make things tick and had more impact in his cameo than most of the rest did in 90 minutes. An honourable display and he’s growing on us this lad. 7

Glenn Middleton:

Didn’t have an ounce of impact and we won’t score him as we like him.

Steven Gerrard:

His worst 90 as Rangers manager, simple as that. Worse than the display at Celtic because Livi are nowhere near as good as Celtic (theoretically) but they had his number from start to finish. He didn’t do a single thing right in the whole 90 apart from bringing on Kent. One to forget and hopefully learn a LOT from. 1

Lick wounds. Learn. Move on.


  1. No too long ago we were raving about how tight it was at the back solid as a rock, but not now, why? chopping and changing in central defence that's one but not the only one,it's the same in midfield, it's not working and the defence is exposed,this has been coming, first half against Dundee and even the start against ayr the signs were there for all to see. play like hat against hearts or hibs and we have big problems.

  2. Let's get this into some sort of prerpective please . Yes our worst display this season even worse than the OF game . We have a definite hate of those horrible plastic surfaces seems to be needed in . Morelos needs bench time again to realise he can't just do the petulant child act when he wants . Lafferty and him doesn't work at all. I would play Middleton with him or play him as a 1 upfront . Coulibally needs game time . The structure at the back is good as long as SG leaves it be Cold realism is we are close to being better than last year and as expected the other teams know that too and the referees also have marked our card as per usual ...poor decision by Craig T not to give a pen but expected ...Let's hope we will ready on Sunday...that's the key game Europe will be what it is

  3. Too many bang ordinary players who don’t possess quality on the ball who can hurt teams.

    Candeias - works hard mostly, occasionally fires in a low cross. Can be beat and tidy at times but has no quality with the ball. One paced.

    Ojaria - Has all the flicks and tricks of an academy player. Too often wants to twist and turn taking guys on. Easy to play against.

    Arfield - Most overrated player in our squad bar none. Decent work rate, decent goal threat. sums him up.... no more than decent in the spl.

    Lafferty - Capable of scoring big goals. Week to week, offers little to general play. Too many fooled by his odd big goal.

    Barisic - For a so called top defender in the making, he stands off his man far too often. Needs to show more aggression out of possession.


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