Will Steven Gerrard make shock January move for striker?

Will Steven Gerrard make shock January move for striker?

In January Mark Allen and then-manager Graeme Murty made a decision. They decided to sign Nottingham Forest’s Jason Cummings on loan and rejected Norwich City’s recently-freed Steven Naismith.

This was a choice we didn’t so much agree with as respect, being very happy as it was with the ex-Hibs striker coming to Rangers. As it happened, his rival for the Rangers signature ended up at Hearts.

It would be fair to say Jason Cummings and Rangers didn’t work out – no point putting spin or reason on it or explaining why, it just didn’t work out, and Steven Gerrard wasn’t interested in bringing him back to Ibrox permanently.

However, while hindsight is 20/20 and it’s extremely unfair to resort to ‘what if’, nevertheless with Naismith now Scotland’s top striker, tearing the league up and comfortably top scorer while Rangers struggle to have a completely accepted hitman as our one-stop reliable solution up top, we start to feel January’s decision was a big mistake.

Naismith is a proven goalscorer, someone who’s done it at every club level there is plus international, and with Rangers’ striker issues increasingly well documented, we really do wonder if there’s scope for a stunning January move for the 32-year old forward, just like there was for his three-time ex-team mate Kyle Lafferty.

Obviously Rangers really missed the boat in January, with him available for nothing and plainly eager to return to Ibrox. With no preparation (as is the case with January signings) he still managed three in 10 for Hearts last campaign, and this time around it’s 8 in 9 in all competitions.

He’s on fire, just like he was for us in 2011 before that fateful injury ended his time in Scotland, and we would imagine a wise move to snatch him in January wouldn’t be the worst outcome.

Whatever happens with Alfredo Morelos, however Umar Sadiq turns out, we really feel a cheeky half million for a player out of contract next May would be a very clever move, and a handy addition to start 2019 with.

Would you like him?

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  1. Not for me. He’s no better than decent, has no resale value and he’s a traitor. We have our fill of traitors and ex’s who’ve previously shit on us from a great height (AM & KL). Don’t need another, especially a bang average one.

    • If we can get him at a decent price then definitely . He offered to play for nothing last season , admitted he was wrong for what he said and has apologised over and over , what more does he need to do . He was advised that Charles Green was a charlatan and would rob us blind , was he wrong not to give that fucker his money when he knew it wouldn't be going to the benefit of the club ? The guy's a class player and a grade above many in our team , he merits another chance and would do a great job for us .

  2. Are IN Serious !!!
    I can handle their backing of King (although i dont like it)
    But what does this say about Rangers football Club – that its all right to treat the Club and the fans with total disdain and we WILL FORGIVE YOU!!
    As i repeatedly say if we want back to our former self People like the IN have to be at the forefront of that and supporting people ,clubs that treid to bury us is Shamefull and totally WRONG on all aspects No excuses IN get your act together

  3. Not interested and I don’t think SG and staff are either. They’re building with and for youth size and depth. Still think SG will make run at Solanke, hes not even in the first team sub list . He could be getting excellent first team experience right now with league and Euro squad depth.

  4. Things are looking more promising than they have for a while – fresh players, many of them young and showing an appetite for the hard yards. Progress to the Group Stage in Europe. Then we get this nonsense. Why not go the whole hog and put a bid in for Boyd? Perhaps Miller? FFS – it ain't "All Our Yesterdays"………

  5. There must be better out there… Rangers need to build for the future and stop going for has beens….
    Time to take the league off THEM… i wish we solf morles to the chinese … morles is to hot and cold we need strikers who put the ball in the back of the net… for me its time to spend and go and win… I hate even drawing games a draw is a defeat….. i cant be the only one thinking this… Stevie G is a winner…. lets go….
    We are Rangers super Rangers…time to go and win 55…

  6. I would be disappointed if we sold Morelos and ended up with our strike force from EIGHT years ago, both the wrong side of 30. It's time to move forward and get young hungry players with a sell on potential.

    • A strike force i may add who Upped and left
      I,m a bitter man and PROUD of that have we all forgot the Pain and embarrassment we had to endure
      No Excuses from any of them Traitorous Greedy sons of bitches every one of them
      Including present Players

  7. Its a no for me and nothing to do with the traitor nonsense, Yawn! Get over it. If these so called traitors scored the winner that won us a cup or league would the traitor haters not celebrate then🤔 no I feel Naismith is just at the wrong end of his career now when we should be looking to the future, especially as we have Lafferty to add the experience up front

  8. Steven Naismith would be a great addition. Bags of experience at the top level in England and proven ability, he would strengthen our options up front alongside Morelos and Lafferty.

  9. When Hell Freezes Over!!
    Would Not Be Happy if We Resigned Naismith! 👊

    1. Hes a Slimy Wee Prick who Stuck the Knife in to Our Club when we were already on the ground and Bleeding Heavily

    2. We nursed him through those Injuries and look at how he repaid?

    3. That Press Conference should be enough!

    4. 32 and No Resale Value

    Id Rather Solanke or Abraham on Loan
    Id Rather Grigg
    Id Rather Llorente(Spurs)
    Id Rather Cummings,
    Id Rather Brophy
    Id Rather Re-Sign Miller 😂
    Id Rather Hardie get a Shot

    …see where im going with this?

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