What on earth has happened to Auchenhowie youth star?


Following the clamour last season around Auchenhowie graduate Ross McCrorie, his bit-part role this season has come of something of a change.

A number of fans have significantly high hopes for the youth player, and while we’ve been scathing around these parts of Graeme Murty, one thing the ex-boss did do right was shift McCrorie forward into midfield following the clearly tangible struggles he had at the back.

But his performance under Steven Gerrard’s initial 4-1-4-1 were that of a lost lamb – he had no help, no support, and as the sitting midfielder was tasked with reading the game around him much better than his development allows him to at the moment.

In short, while Gerrard was right to say it had been irresponsible of previous bosses to put him in defence, he made a similar error himself isolating the holding anchor in front of the defence with no real support.

It is no coincidence his better displays under the Anfield legend have been as part of a three-man midfield, with support from peers like Jack and Arfield.

However, the truth is he’s really not been a part of the Gerrard era as a whole, spending most of his time on the bench and fading ever more from the first team picture.

Of course, there’s a disclaimer – not only is he young and not fully ‘developed’ yet, but the competition for his position is the most fierce at the club – Ryan Jack, Lassana Coulibaly, Jordan Rossiter, and Andy Halliday to name just four are all vying for that slot or two, with Jack and Coulibaly likely to be the current frontrunners for selection, while Rossiter seeks fitness.

And there is also that small sinking feeling that McCrorie simply isn’t as good (yet) as any of Rossiter, Jack or Coulibaly regardless so is unlikely to be selected ahead of them outwith rotation.

But therein lies that keyword – ‘rotation’. Rangers have a tonne of fixtures coming up over the autumn – with UEL matches aplenty and domestic competition to deal with too, and Rossiter for one isn’t even included in the European squad where McCrorie is, so there is certainly scope for the Scot to be used as the squad stretches itself over a busy campaign.

And it is a squad game of course, not just XI players.

So McCrorie may still have a big role to play this season. But if the start so far is anything to go by, McCrorie may find his opportunities very limited regardless.


  1. It’s simple … we’ve got competition for places which can only push him on. But we need to stop say rossiter is our player… he hasn’t played much and needs to be let go asap

  2. If we are truthful he's really not that good. Look at some of the other 19/20 year olds in the league, they are , as you would say, a lot further on in their development. IE they are better. The only way he will get better is regular games, so a loan away from the club. It hasn't done his brother any harm, did you see him for the scotland U21s

  3. Last season against aberdeen he was outstanding the young lad has talent I'm sure it will be nourished properly given time.

  4. Mcrorie should have played the last old firm game instead of Ejaria to grab the game by the scruff and do some of the dirty work alongside Jack. We were bullied in midfield and he (or Coulibaly obviously) would have been the better option. We will have a few teams this season trying to overload and press the midfield and thats when Mcrorie should be playing. He still has a role for me but Gerrard appears to have made his mind up after the St Mirren sending off.

  5. I believe McCrorie will be a multi million pound star for Rangers in the not to distant future. He had bags of energy, good pace, strong and is fully committed giving everything when he’s on the pitch.

    However I do believe he has been a bit rash at times diving into challenges and being over committed where a wiser head would hold off. I love watching him but at times I watch him through sprayed fingers as I can sometimes see what’s coming a second before he lunges in. One of these days he’ll give himself a bad injury. He has also been sent off a few times if memory serves me correctly. At times he looks like he’s trying a bit too hard and looks naive.

    A spell out the limelight of the 1st team whilst making the odd appearance, captaining his country at 21’s and working day in day out with the experience we have in the squad and management team will do him the world of good.

    Fantastic young player and future asset for Glasgow Rangers. Credit to SG & GMac for manageing the lad properly in his development.

  6. In my opinion he simply isn't good enough! – He has the potential to be a decent squad player in the same vein as Bob Malcolm was. Fills in, Can do a decent job of covering defence/midfield for better players when they are injured but doubt he will be much more than that. Even defensive midfielders need a bit of creativity and a good range of passing in their game. Haven't ever seen this from young Mcrorie sadly..

  7. In my humble opinion, the McCrorie brothers will play a huge part in the coming seasons.
    Perhaps two to three years from now.
    Their development and influence within the national squads suggest obvious signs of experience and progress.
    This modern 'loan' thing, though, does not sit easily with me.
    Either you are part of the club, or you are not.
    It seems to me this is dubious design to cut losses if the player does not come to scratch.
    There are a huge number of players within the Premiership currently in limbo through such circumstance.
    An obvious, and elongated example prevalent from the soap dodger side.
    Ryan Christie, Scott Allan , Lewis Morgan….where are they now ?
    We need to display patience, understanding and acceptance as supporters, and believe that whatever their age, they will be playing for the jersey.

  8. have these commenters worked with many developing professional foitballers?
    stevie g has.lets give him a chance.
    closer every day.

  9. I've got nothing bad to say about McCrorie. He can only get better. But I think we also have other young players, who can do a job for us. Barjonas, out on loan, I think is a decent prospect. What little I seen of the boy, I liked and we've still got Docherty. I more worried about our front line, if Lafferty is out injured and we need to rely on Alfredo 50/50. Please Rossiter, prove you're no injury prone and come out and do the business. Extra thick shin guards, for you son.

  10. …And Docherty, Holt and Pena

    McCrorie is a Decent Player and will get better with Time and Experience

    Young Lads like McCrorie/Middleton etc are The Rangers Future for the Next 10+yrs

    We need to Bin Rossiter and Pena
    Halliday can play Anywhere

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