Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Warburton signing has just made a huge mistake

A lot has been made of former number one Wes Foderingham’s comments in the presser yesterday, and while often we can see many sides to the argument whenever something ‘colourful’ arises, this one appears pretty black and white:

Wes Foderingham has completely disrespected Allan McGregor with the following utterance:

“I still see myself as the number one that’s not in the side at the moment.”

If we are to forcibly play devil’s advocate we could argue that he’s so used to being the first choice throughout his entire career (albeit not with clubs even half the size of Rangers) that this is new territory for him, and he even later admitted that it is new territory and it’s been strange.

But that said, what astounding arrogance to consider yourself the best goalkeeper at the club when the evidence is there in black and white that you’ve been upgraded considerably.

Of course, one has to have self-confidence and belief, but one has to have common sense too. Allan McGregor, in the eyes of many, is a borderline world class goalkeeper – Rangers’ best since Andy Goram (honourable mention to Klos) – and to say you still see yourself as the number one might even be something you think to yourself, but you DO NOT SAY IT.

The sad thing is everything else about Foderingham’s comments was much more humble, much more honest and fair and he complimented McGregor extensively – and we’d much rather praise him on taking this to the chin like a man and just getting on with it as he did for the rest of the presser.

But uttering those words about being the effective number one was foolish, misguided, disrespectful and should never have been included and undermined everything else he said.

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