This photo is likely to make Rangers fans very happy indeed….


While he sadly wasn’t fit enough to feature at the weekend’s Celtic match, nevertheless Rangers will be as happy as Lassana himself at this photo of the Malian international back in training at the end of last week.

The on-loan Angers star grew into his defensive midfield role colossally as the matches wore on, and by the time he got injured had become an effectively indispensable part of the engine room.

Sadly, his thigh knock, seemingly innocuous at the time, has cast him to the treatment room for the past three weeks and Rangers have desperately missed his power, work and running in the middle. There is absolutely no coincidence that Rangers’ best midfield display was against Aberdeen when he, Ryan Jack and Scott Arfield bossed the match.

With the international break upon us, a nearing-fitness Lassana Coulibaly is a crucial asset, and with manager Steven Gerrard confirming it will be used especially to restore the Malian to fitness, it comes as welcome news for Rangers fans.

Sooner he’s back, and up to speed, the better for us all.


  1. He was a Huge Miss against 'Them

    And also everyone that is going nuts about our start to the season
    ….a bit of perspective
    Minus St Mirren at Home, we have probably had the Hardest first few games of any team in the league this season

    Aberdeen away …deserved to win
    Motherwell away …deserved a draw
    Celtic away …OUR FIRST DEFEAT!

  2. Agreed Stevo.
    Our next few matches look a lot more straightforward. Win them, get some points on the board and see how Celtic like looking over their shoulders. Although, to be fair, they had to go to Hearts which they don't like much.
    Cannae wait for the rematch

    • Agreed but we should have set up on sunday …how hearts played against them …

      Got up in their Face,
      Dont Let Them Play
      Dont Give Them Time on The Ball
      ….But we did the Opposite!

      And to be honest apart from Celtic, Hearts first few matches have been Piss Easy 👊

      Just gotta go on a nice winning run now, an get points on the board and then see where everyone stands in the table around New Years

    • Couldn't agree more… tactics were piss poor on sunday. A mediocre side and we are scared to get in about them. Disappointed at the lack of attitude and desire to win as opposed to the result.

    • Too right billy. People are forgetting how bad we were last season. Don't care what anyone says the difference is night and day. We are 2 last minute goals away from a great start including some decisions that would have made a big difference. Yesterday was always gonna happen we played 60 mins with 10 and 30 minutes with 9 ffs. Was as gutted as the rest of Ye but with hindsight he went for a draw and nearly got it. We may have got spanked if we tried the normal press we will never know either way I'm not alone in being very happy with how it's going 👍🏻

  3. Good to see you’ve changed your tune about Coulibaly IN.. He’s been an absolute standout in midfield along with Jack too. Over the moon he’ll be back after the International break. Trust me there will be a massive reaction from the Team & Staff after Sunday…

    I can’t wait for the next game as no prisoners will be taken 👊🏼🔴⚪️🔵

  4. Jack was no where to be seen yesterday Billy. Plays well against the crap teams and disappears in the big games. Time to stand up and be counted Mr Jack. Please do your talking on the park instead of mouthing off in the media.

    • Fair point not his best but not his worst Big Jim.. My point being his best performances where when big Optimus ( Coulibaly) was playing beside him.. Defo missed the big man in that engine room

  5. Guys let’s be honest we were in no position to harry and close them down all over park, because the team were knackered after the 9 man heroics.
    If we tried that we would have out on our get before half time. SG played the only card he had given the level the squad were at physically. I thought we nullified Forest , Rogic etc which are the ones who usually cost us very well. Yes we rode our luck and shagger was top notch but I’m not too worried. But I for one cannt wait to get them to Ibrox and to put them in there place and to quote Mr Keegan “ I woul love that , love it “

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