Monday, 17 September 2018

"That's not how I want it" - surprising admission from Steven Gerrard

Despite the resounding win on Saturday, manager Steven Gerrard was far from happy with his men on any level, and went on record afterwards as confirming he expects more.

Destroying his players at full time, Gerrard was critical of most aspects of play, especially the ‘foot off the gas’ at 3-0 and castigated them for playing like an NBA team in the first half.

The manager said:

"I just us want to be consistent and strong. I just thought first half I was watching a game of basketball - that’s not how I want it."

We’re not quite sure exactly what he’s getting at, because if he felt the match was ‘end to end’ then tennis would have been a much better metaphor, but either way he wasn’t at all happy with the display or even the result.

We suspect privately he was probably happier than he let on here, after all, it was Rangers’ crucial second win in the SPL all season and improved the domestic record significantly. And clean sheets are always vital.

But it is important he expresses high standards and the players play to them, rather than what he arguably did after Parkhead which involved complimenting his underperforming team when they evidently didn’t deserve it.

Standards at Ibrox are slowing going up and Gerrard is at the forefront of that.

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