Friday, 14 September 2018

Stevie Ger in snappy slapdown of well-known journalist

In a slapdown of Jock Wallace-esque proportions, Rangers manager Steven Gerrard scolded Sky Sports’ Charles Paterson at his pre-Dundee presser by biting back over repeated questions and provocations about referees.

The Sky journalist raised Allan McGregor, the standard of refereeing and general questions related, but Rangers’ manager was having absolutely none of it.

The exchange certainly alluded to more than a touch of steel on the manager’s part and made for fascinating viewing:

CP: “Allan McGregor wasn’t cited…”

SG: “That’s two weeks ago, I’m not really interested in the Allan McGregor situation. I’m not interested in talking about referees or the SFA. I’m here to talk about the Dundee game, a game we’re really looking forward to and excited about.”

CP: “Appreciate that, the same time though the fact that the association…”

SG: “I appreciate you’re trying to do your job. I’m doing my job and my job is to talk about Dundee.”

CP: “Are you concerned at all about the way the referees…”

SG: “Nope, not concerned at all.”

CP: “Since you came to Scotland have you been impressed with the standard of refereeing?”

SG: “I’m not here to talk about referees…!”

As far as Gerrard is concerned, he’s not here to talk about referees, apparently!

We wonder if Paterson will try again with Gerrard in the future with touchy topics like this…

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