Monday, 24 September 2018

Steven Gerrard reveals BIG admission that Rangers fans will love

Steven Gerrard has made a statement post-match which will have Rangers fans smiling in admiration today, following yesterday’s demolition of St Johnstone at Ibrox.

Rangers cruised past Tommy Wright’s side in a manner befitting the typical performance fans expect of Rangers from yesteryear, but it was what manager Gerrard said to RTV after the match which was the most telling about how he is growing and maturing as a manager and learning from his own mistakes.

He said:

“Players are going to make mistakes, when they do it’s my fault because I’m asking them to play the way I want them to play, they’re our tactics as a staff.”

This is not the first time Gerrard’s growing management skills have become abundant – after the Motherwell match Rangers’ manager raised his hands afterwards and said if he’s made a mistake with the Lee Wallace sub he will own up to it. He didn’t explicitly own up directly there and then, but still showed responsibility and willingness to take the blame.

And here he’s doing something similar, relieving players of responsibility for errors, protecting them – Nikola Katic made an error or two yesterday, in his case mainly because he’s still a very young man learning his defensive trade. Gerrard is helping him out, like he is others, by saying ‘if they make errors, blame me’ – and this protects players as they grow and improve into the system and tries to shield them from a little of the claustrophobia of playing for Rangers.

In time they must all be men and slowly learn to take responsibility for their errors, but for now, Gerrard wants them to believe in his plan and vision and he’s going the right way about gaining their trust.


  1. The odd mistake, we all make. Nobody's perfect. It's when you get a whole series of mistakes, happening repeatedly, that we need to worry. I see us making slow progress, here. SG has all the qualities, of the great, old school Managers.

  2. He's not done a lot wrong has he? I was one of the ones who had cautious optimism when we hired him because ultimately it was a big risk appointing an untested manager. Everyone kept saying about his playing career and experience meaning he would be good but that isn't always the case. So far, I am happy to be wrong!

  3. He’s proving all the doubters wrong which is great for the Gaffer, the Club and supporters/fans. Yeh a couple of errors at the back which could’ve been costly but they weren’t the end. The performance by the Team was near on Rangers of old in truth. It was a joy to watch and credit to St Johnstone they kept going. The Gaffer asked for a performance and the Team answered the call.

    What a game the Troops witnessed for Armed Forces Day too, all in all a great wk 🔴⚪️🔵🇬🇧

  4. I really was skeptical of the Gerrard appointment at first but I feel like he is going to be a top top manager, his man management skills are amazing. He always picks soneons out for high praise but he has yet to single anyone out for criticism, which I see Brenda did yesterday blaming Boyata for the goal. Seems like Brenda may have at least partially lost the dressing room.

  5. I think the progress is quicker than you think Joe

  6. was excited when he was appointed and nothing has changed my mind since. the last two home performances have been very convincing and playing well going forward. hopefully a couple of players on the fringes get a run out in midweek and we can keep the momentum up with a good result.

  7. Measured words from the Manager. Every one said carefully to help remove any fear from the minds of the players on making mistakes, being brave on the ball, believing.

    The more I hear from the Manager, the more I like, proper manager and top man.

    Got to say the boy Morelos was noticeably leaner v StJ. His overall movement and threat had gone up a notch by being far more mobile. No doubt down to the staff at Auchenhowie.

  8. SG has far exceeded my expectations of what we might achieve in the first few months following his appointment. I don't see our progress as being at all slow, quite the opposite. Ahead of Celtic in the league, and qualified for the group group stages in Europa League and having drawn away from home with the number one seed in our group. I doubt there is any Rangers supporter who before the season began expected us to have made that kind of progress before the end of September. Absolutely fantastic in such a short period of time!

  9. Seems strange, this............. FAR MORE Goldson who made mistakes....not Katic.

  10. HAD WE Went at the filth from the off and KEPT it going as hertz did, we'd be already BE further in front of self sais filth.

    THIS is what worries me a GREAT BIT, WHY DID SG Not get us to play right IN their ugly faces, from the off like / ?

  11. Absolute Class From SG & The Team, Before During and after The Match

    Thats The Rangers Way!! 😀💪🔴⚪⭕

    I will Admit when Gerrard was Appointed, I was Nervous, I was Unsure if it would work out given his lack of Experience but I am Happy to say, He has definitely put my concerns to rest cause Hes Fuckin Smashing It!! 😃💪🏆💙


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