Monday, 24 September 2018

Steven Gerrard reveals BIG admission that Rangers fans will love

Steven Gerrard has made a statement post-match which will have Rangers fans smiling in admiration today, following yesterday’s demolition of St Johnstone at Ibrox.

Rangers cruised past Tommy Wright’s side in a manner befitting the typical performance fans expect of Rangers from yesteryear, but it was what manager Gerrard said to RTV after the match which was the most telling about how he is growing and maturing as a manager and learning from his own mistakes.

He said:

“Players are going to make mistakes, when they do it’s my fault because I’m asking them to play the way I want them to play, they’re our tactics as a staff.”

This is not the first time Gerrard’s growing management skills have become abundant – after the Motherwell match Rangers’ manager raised his hands afterwards and said if he’s made a mistake with the Lee Wallace sub he will own up to it. He didn’t explicitly own up directly there and then, but still showed responsibility and willingness to take the blame.

And here he’s doing something similar, relieving players of responsibility for errors, protecting them – Nikola Katic made an error or two yesterday, in his case mainly because he’s still a very young man learning his defensive trade. Gerrard is helping him out, like he is others, by saying ‘if they make errors, blame me’ – and this protects players as they grow and improve into the system and tries to shield them from a little of the claustrophobia of playing for Rangers.

In time they must all be men and slowly learn to take responsibility for their errors, but for now, Gerrard wants them to believe in his plan and vision and he’s going the right way about gaining their trust.

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