Steven Gerrard has made two very wise decisions

Steven Gerrard has made two very wise decisions

Following weeks of lacking depth at the back, with both Connor Goldson and Nikola Katic starting to run on fumes (albeit still doing sterling jobs) getting some extra bodies in there became absolutely essential. The experiment at Fir Park with three at the back and Jon Flanagan asked to be CB simply didn’t work, and we are delighted to see two new signings finally sorted for the rearguard.

On the face of it, a player who couldn’t get into the Nottingham Forest squad this season at all seems a curious signing, but look further and Joe Worrall was a staple of the City Ground last season and simply lost favour by way of new recruits. The England youth defender has 3 caps for the U21s and four for the U20s – the lad can evidently play a bit and 52 appearances in the Championship at only 21 is an outstanding return. It is a very shrewd signing indeed and will give top class competition where Rangers’ first choices need some.

Meanwhile 38-year old Gareth McAuley is another we’re happy with, as yet another international arrives in Govan. A spring chicken he may not be any more, but his experience at the highest levels of the game will be outstanding leadership for the rather young defence Rangers have (2 x 21 and 1 x 25) and while we wouldn’t expect him to push too much for a cemented first team place, he will come in when the first choices need rest and provide excellent rotational flexibility.

In short, both these additions are very, very wise indeed – a young upstart who can certainly push for a starting berth and equally push Goldson and Katic to be at their very best and ward against complacency, while McAuley is someone for them all to look up to. And added to the fact he’s one of us certainly helps these players truly understand what it means to be a Bear. And to play for the Famous.

All in all, it’s the depth we needed – it gives Gerrard options, depth, and quality in numbers.

And we’re rather pleased about that.

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  1. Joke signing again. A wage for old rope.we are throwing money away we don’t have. Garth McAuley is not going to help us catch them!

    • gotta disagree, big clint hill proved that,better signing pound for pound than a seasoned international like big bruno.

    • well he is if he comes in against dundee/livingston/diddy FC and does a job and then goldson/katic are fresh for the big matches

  2. Wrong again. He will never be first choice but his experience and goal threat from set pieces will be invaluable. The man has got a one year deal and would walk through a brick wall for rangers

  3. Brilliant addition. I've been saying we should sign him for the last year. He will do a great job when called upon. Good mentor for goldson katic and worral.

  4. BigJim,
    -He has come on a free
    -Was playing Premier League football last season
    -He is not here to be first choice
    -He is here to mentor, support, develop and spell out the younger two CBs
    -As a Rangers man from Norn Irn, he understands the club and the demands

    Who would you suggest we could have got to come play understudy/backup who has his calibre? Maldini? Names on a postcard, please

    • John Terry or Steven Caulker would have been a better option. Please let’s get this” He’s from NI and a Rangers man”nonsense out our heads. If he’s good enough his background doesn’t matter.

    • Jim

      You may notice that his NI Rangers man status was last on the list. I would have been happy with JT, if he came for the same money, which he won't. Caulker, can't comment as I don't know enough about him to give a value judgement, but do you think he is wanted in the EPL? No, me neither. That's where McAuley played last year. Also, would Caulker want to come and play second fiddle warming a bench? A fan might, but how many of those 5 boxes does Caulker tick?

  5. what i feel we need is a playmaker with experience especially for if i were in SG's shoes i would brng back steven davis and he would captain my side. I also think we need a prolific striker, to many times last year where points were dropped in games where we missed numerous chances to kill teams off, can't afford that this year. wee buffalo dosen't look like scoring against (them), chasing lost causes and get's frustrated.we need one that strikes fear into them.

  6. for what its worth i would have liked to see SG try something out the ordinary yesterday with 20 mins left, he could have gambled and taken morelos off, put on worral beside lafferty and go long and batter their back two and attack any delivery from wide areas inc. corners r set peices, f**k all to lose much to gain.

  7. Big Jim is clearly a ‘Big Tim’ been seeing a number of posts now with negative bullshit on them. ScotsWhahae has hit the nail firmly on the head with this one. Take heed.

    • I have probably been a season ticket holder longer than you have been on this planet Jacky!!I am sorry for not getting excited with signing a 38 year old on good money. We simply don’t need him.

  8. Mcauley will do a job he obviously looks after himself and has vast experience,but our problems don't lie in central defence they lie at( and anybody with a hole in in their backside knows this) we need a right back that can defend.

  9. Delighted with our defence and the players signed. Should make us a more solid unit with cover when needed and the flexibility to go with three at the back. I am more concerned at the lack of quality in central attacking midfield where, against Celtic we simply had no one that could hold the ball, open up the Celtic defence and support the forwards. Equally, we still need a quality striker to support Morelos with only Lafferty available. Quality is still needed if we are to win trophies.

    • while i'll probably get some stick, davis & naismith could be a masterstroke in terms of old firm games. i know the naismith bit is hard for many of us, if it resulted in bringing the title home im sure the majority would get over it as when wee johnston scored in the last minute, more so he owes us bigtime! we need a core of winners to help the new recruits.

  10. All sucessful gers sides have had that core of players, it does matter when u look across the city and see a club run from top to bottom with likeminded people and outside influence at the highest level.It becomes a seige mentality thing brought on by others attitudes towards one club sadly. could only happen in this country. u only need to look no further than giro dome against aberdeen. were NOT the perpetratrs of hatred.

  11. Absolutely Brilliant Signing!

    He will be the 'old head' at the back that Alves was supposed to be

    Will be a Good Solid Back-Up 💪

    Great Mentor for Katic/McCrorie/Wilson

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