Scotland’s shame – again


It’s now getting to the point where the toxicity of the national team’s fans has gone beyond a joke and into surrealism. I mean, it’s hardly new to see Rangers players booed playing for Scotland these days, frankly it happens every time.

Remember at Pittodrie some SPL fans spun the hogwash line that it was the Aberdeen fans at their home stadium the reason Ryan Jack was being booed? Wonder what their spin for Friday night’s episode at Hampden was.

Let’s face it – Rangers are comically seen as toxic by most of this country’s game. There are some decent fans, yes, and we credit that – we got some fair and supportive responses from general SPL fans to our artificial turf piece and we wouldn’t tar all non-Rangers fans with the same brush.

But if the crowd at Hampden, Easter Road, Pittodrie yadda yadda is anything to go by when Scotland play, this country’s supporters are too petty to let 2012 stay in the past, whoever’s side you take.

Allan McGregor is likely to start in goal tonight – will home fans shame themselves yet again by booing him when he receives the ball? He’s a Rangers man through and through – never got booed on NT duty as a Hull player – but back at Ibrox, there’s every chance he will.

It is, absolutely, unthinkably, unfathomably pathetic to see grown men booing their own team’s players just because they dislike the club that player earns his corn at.

We dislike Celtic. Intensely. But back in the day we sure as heck did not boo their players for the national team (in the days we actually supported the damn thing) despite what happened in 1994. Why would we? That would be petty, small and weak. No one does that. NO ONE.

The climate of the world today appears full of hate, whereas back in the day there was simply more tolerance. Thanks to social media stirring it up, whatever the topic, the hate festers and grows, until we have a point where we’re booing players playing for our country.

A sad, sad reflection of the psyche of modern society.

Only in Scotland.


  1. It's not only in Scotland – look at Spain as an example, Pique is a hate figure because of his support for Catalans.

    We are living in an increasingly polarised world where people seem to have lost all tolerance for opinions of others – social media is driving this.

    Sadly some of our fans are as much a part of the problem as the fans you complain about in the article- anyone who can see things objectively should be able to realise this.

    The number of times I have seen groups such as union bears state that unless you agree with their politics you aren't a proper fan is both depressing and embarrassing – many fans don't and have every right to disagree without being branded non fans.

    Groups like these can't accept that a sizeable section of support, like me, have had enough of hate filled bigots who tarnish the name of decent fans. They also can't accept that many rangers fans support Independence.

    I love The club but I can see the bad as well as the good.

    • Got to disagree. I'm nearly 50 years old I have great friends who are catholic (don't give a fuck) perfectly sane and living in the now. The fact is rangers are like the pantomime villain it's embarrassing. If you can't see the relationship between the rise of nationalism and the hatred of rangers your wrong. Like it or not we are about the only unionist institution left in our insecure paranoid wee country. And it pains me to say that. The lunatics have taken over the asylum

  2. When the Tartan Army booed Ian Black, the Scottish media hacks laughed and said it was just the Hibs fans within the Scotland support.

    When 'Lee Wallace is a Grass' was chanted from the Scotland support at Wembley…it was just the Hearts fans.

    When 'We hate Rangers more than you' was chanted in Dublin against the Republic of Ireland…it was just the Celtic fans.

    When Ryan Jack was booed against Belgium the other night…just the Aberdeen fans.

    See the trend?

    Let's just call it for what it is…
    The Scottish national team has been hijacked by Scottish nationalism, in recent years it has become more or less the sporting wing of the SNP…..and for that I hope they get horsed every game.

    Here's the real reason why they hate The Rangers….🇬🇧🔴⚪️🔵🇬🇧

  3. Republicans in Edinburgh with a Glasgow City Council Provisional wing, obsessives, poisonous and anonymous social media oanists, and Fat Boy Mike – tough times to be a Teddy Bear.
    Makes us stronger though.

  4. Its a deep seated problem ..Not only influenced mainly by the way Rangers were disrespected and pilloried by SFA and the rest of Scottish Football. Yes we went into administration … so have many Football Teams … none treated like us . Scotland will never change now they all can't wait to sing your not Rangers anymore … arseholes !! Its boring and childish . I agree with IN I used to go and watch Scotland and yes I did not would not ever boo anyone wearing the blue of Scotland not matter their home team… Now I wouldn't watch Scotland if the played in my back yard. The SFA have ruined Scotland as a Football Nation… All the clique and jobs for the bhoys at Hampden have ruined any young players across Scotland, Fleeting Park etc you know who you are Its unfortunate that the SFA will spend 4 Million buying that shithole Hampden .. Roberto Martinez.. Mark Wotte and several French and Dutch Coaches have told Scotland what is need to move upwards …for gods sake look at Iceland .The Self Preservation Gang at Hampden don't want to change … they would be out on their arses !!! Malky Mackay… Performance Director LOLOLOLO are you joking He's a muppet Racist !!!

  5. Its just a waste of time anyway forget it going nowwhere just an embarrassment

    WATP LETS GO 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  6. I would be more than happy if a Rangers player doesnt get selected to play for Scotland again it is demeaning when you get abuse from your own so called fans my family background is Ulster Scots and I supported both countries but now it is only one and sad to say it is not the land of my birth Scotland

  7. Its Just Pathetic but to be honest if everyone else wants to be like that then F**k them. Its Scotland's Loss.


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