Rangers stun Villarreal – a picture speaks a thousand words


This image is some indication of the stunning night in Spain Rangers just endured, and lived through to win a critical and completely unexpected point in Villarreal.

Glenn Middleton, whose appearance in the second half changed the match, can clearly be seen with unbridled joy on his face having brilliantly assisted for Kyle Lafferty’s first-ever European goal, and the celebrations will go on through the night for such a hard-fought and completely unpredicted point at a tough venue.

Rangers, after Carlos Bacca’s staggering opening goal on 45 seconds, would have taken an honourable loss before the opening minute was out, but through perseverance and an outstanding second half, created a superb point which gets our European campaign up and running wonderfully.

There is much to digest on, much to chew on, but that is for later.

For now, let’s soak in a truly marvellous result on the night when we expected absolutely nothing.

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  1. wow…maybe not our best game,,first half lacked any fire..then bring on young glen and its a furnace..gollie brill..again..well done rangers..proud of you..

  2. We should play Middleton every game. Puzzled why Katic was dropped – our central defence has been our strong point. What a great second half !!! WATP

    • I would be willing to bet Katic was dropped to catch a breather. We're in a marathon right now and we don't want to burn out before the race is over.

    • I wonder if Katic was dropped because maybe there is a clause in the Worrall loan deal to say he has to play all Euro games if fit…? Seems odd to make his debut in this game – surely a game against Dundee would have been sensible to get him used to his team mates etc

    • With respect who gives a shit what they cunts have to say either way. With more belief we could actually achieve something very special this season I really believe that. What a job the new staff have done ✅ imagine taking points off a la liga big shot now after where we were? Not goin over the top to say that was absolutely brilliant. Love it

  3. Rode our luck at times and gave Villarreal too much respect but upped the tempo in the 2nd half and earned a magnificent point. Well done Gers !

  4. Would have taken a point before the game.

    After a minute I’d have bitten yer hand off for it..up to the elbow.

    Brilliant result but I’m strangely a bit disappointed….we coulda won that on 92 mins. Arfield’s got to score or at least strike it with his left peg.

  5. A great result in Spain!!!
    Slow start from the Gers, but we fought to keep a hold on the game in the second half……We cant neglect the fact this was a decent La Liga side.
    We didnt create a lot, but 2 clinical goals from us meant we deserved a hard fought draw.
    Any decent European side would be proud to get our result in that stadium.

  6. Fantastic effort by the guys – we march on.
    To come back from that start, dig deep and then claw our way back into the game in the second half was a tremendous performance. I think only 2, Shagger and Lafferty, had played in Europe before. They will all have learned and we will improve.
    Brilliant result, congratulations to all

  7. Very poor first half and gave Villarreal too much respect but upped the tempo in the second half and had the belief to get a result.Ok rode our luck but a magnificent point. Well done Gers!

  8. My coupon was bust after 45 seconds but I couldn’t give a monkeys. I was scratching my head at big Niko being dropped wither it was fatigue only the Gaffer knows…

    What a performance second half though.. Everyone of them should be proud and rightly so not many teams go there and get draw in Europe…

    Season defining moment that I think. Should be no more fear of other teams now domestically or in Europe #LetsGo 🔴⚪️🔵👊🏼

  9. (Grudging!) congrats from a Celtic supporter. To go away to a top La Liga side and get a 2-2- draw was some achievement. SG has worked wonders and the coming season should be very interesting.

  10. Anyone who had doubts about Gerrard, should no longer. The culture at Rangers has changed 180°. And let's face facts, it's all thanks to Gerrard molding the team in his image. Well done Rangers, well done. Job not done yet though.

    Tonight, the detractors all dine on crow.

  11. Had a bit of panic when i found out game was not live on rangers tv. But found it on Univision so brushed up on my Spanish. What a cracking game – should have won it if Arf could have lifted the ball passed the keeper. Candeias what a pass back to arf. And that second goal was magic. Borasic cross from the Middleton touch, he did that against rangers in the first round. They need to study Villarreal on attack, they are impressive but we matched them. This should be the defining game to motivate domestically and in Europe – we belong. I’m flying in from San Diego in November to see the rematch – hopefully it will put them in the knock out.

  12. my head is in a spin my feet are off the ground. we scored two away my head goes round and round. my fists are going crazy my heart is like the big drum. it feels like were going to baku! to the tune of feels like im in love. ah no it's an age thing lol?

  13. I thought before tonight we would have got beat way a couple of goals but hats of to the lads tonight I know 1st half was not great but think hitting teams on counter away from home is best way to go in Europe any result away from home is decent but for a team in top half off la liga is up there way a fresh team still working on each other has got to be one of best nights away from home we have had since road to Manchester? Stephen Gerrard has point his stamp and probs a bit off own winning instinct in tk a lot off player live having a manager plays fight 110% for only hope we can keep him for his full contract done us wonders LETS GO WE ARE THE PEOPLE

  14. A couple of days before the Villareal game the noise from their camp was that they fully expect themselves and Spartak to be the two teams that progress from the group. I wonder if they still feel the same after that.

    We took a well deserved point from them at their own ground and we could have won the game and we can definitely beat them at ibrox. Rapid beat Spartak too.

    I really hope Rangers and Rapid are the two teams that progress from the group. We can do this.


  15. 2-2 AWAY to Villareal is a Fantastic Result!

    To get Two Away Goals at a Top Drawer Spanish Club is Outstanding!

    And Middleton …Absolute Belter! 😁💪

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