Rangers supporters want Gerrard to make controversial move – confirmed

Rangers supporters want Gerrard to make controversial move – confirmed

With Rangers’ striker problems abundantly clear, it is evident that not enough good work has gone into resolving the number 9 position at Ibrox.

Two hitmen were brought in this summer, with the evergreen Kyle Lafferty making an instant impact and clearly capable of delivering a lot of what Rangers need, but Umar Sadiq is talking to the press more and more now about how he wishes to turn it around at Ibrox following something considerably below a slow start on display from the Nigerian.

Naturally this summer Rangers lost Jason Cummings (I say lost, we elected against keeping him) and the Kenny Miller debacle cannot be forgotten either – two reliable number 9s who knew where the goal was – it’s potentially 20 goals gone or indeed even more.

As for Alfredo Morelos – you just never know what you’re going to get from the Life’s Box of Chocolates that is Alf. He can be as effective as he can useless, and while his biggest supporters always point to the work that he does that they claim goes unseen (trust me, we all see it), unfortunately he struggles with the basic strikers’ currency of the ball and the onion bag.

So in a recent poll, we wanted to know if Rangers fans were interested in the very feasible possibility of a January move for ex-Ibrox forward Steven Naismith, who is currently tearing up the SPL at Hearts.

The numbers were pretty conclusive – 61% of fans want Steven Gerrard to bring the boy back home in the upcoming window. Out of contract in May, he wouldn’t cost a fortune, and he’s as keen to get back to Ibrox as Rangers are to have him. Only 39% wouldn’t want Scotland’s top scorer back in Govan.

Count us among the 61%.

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  1. Dont think Naismith is the saviour guys, en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steven_Naismith

    He is not exactly a prolific striker + he has no knees.

    Time to move on

  2. Fair enough he's on form. But come on look at his last few seasons. Constant injuries. He'll no doubt pick up another one and not see the 2nd half of the season. Plus there's no chance hearts will sell if they're still in touching distance of the league come January.

    Lets leave him where he is and hope he continues to help hearts take points of them. But no us.

  3. Sadiq spoke ONCE to the press and was very fair in his comments – it's just that a whole series of click-bait merchants haven't gotten tired of printing what he said under a series of increasingly misleading headlines yet. Personally I can't wait to see the big guy play as I loved his nuisance value when he came on against Wigan.

  4. I must be dreaming, well having a nightmare. This guy is all but finished, is bang average, 33 yrs old and is a proven treacherous untrustworthy bastard.

    I’d love to know how many fans have voted in this survey. I’d hazard a guess at <100

    In the name of transparency, let’s have the numbers behind the headline. Let go 🙂

  5. Mark your calendar oct 7 thats when rangers will take care of hearts and neutralize Naismith -then you wont want him—don’t want him anyway he’s yesterdays news. SG & team are looking ahead. LAfferty will be the senior 9 to complement the younger guys. Morelos is still a work in process but he’s Developing a nice all around game – lays the ball off nice and moves but needs to work on timing and release – too many offsides still needs to grow up stop hanging his head etc. still think they will get Solanke he’s not even a fist team sub

  6. You’re having a giggle Ibrox Noise honestly. The negativity on here for Morelos is unreal and that’s basically been from the day he signed. Even before he signed you weren’t keen to mention the possible signing of him…

    Morelos has been called a waster by one guy on here. So what if he’s got a face on him like a bulldog chewing a wasp – he’s a better striker than anybody that comments on here… Boyd McCoist they all split the support as some fuckers are never happy…I didn’t like the way he reacted when Coulibaly ( you didn’t rate him either after his first game – headless chicken ) took it off his toes and scored – I understand why though cause he’s a selfish striker and wants to score goals end of…Yet he’s unselfish in all the other hard graft he does for the shirt and his teammates. You won’t be happy until he’s gone it’s simple but why not go the full monty and bring Cummings back..,

    • Billy, you're a decent guy so we'll let this one pass:


      If any site was positive about the arrival of Morelos, it was us. We can't speak for our readers, but in terms of the writers, we bigged him up as the Second Coming. So please give the revisionism a rest mate!

  7. tell ye one thing, if it did happen he would be all over (them). there's no question in his desire, personally can't see SG bringing him back. repeated it constantly, get davis to dictate midfield and solanke till end of season. another outside option would be the big no.9 of osijek whose name escapes me and the boy brophy as long as they were reasonale in their valuation. im convinced this boy could be a real gem in the right team, shoots on sight very quick and direct?

  8. I cant believe what i,m reading here at IN
    Just Incredible you are in favour of signing a player who said & i quote
    "Rangers Footbal Club No Longer exists " also sat there & Nodded while whitaker the snake said again I quote " i dont want to sign for SEVCO"
    IN Please Justify your support for this signing

    • We stopped hating him a fair while ago. We realised the future of our club is more important than grudges.

    • my understanding was the problem was more to do with green, another who fooled many and benefited big style. I was like u initally, in hindsigt the players, long serving staff became victims of corparate manslaugter. strangely enough the real perpetrators escaped bar-l and are sitting pretty. time to move on. finally unless u were privy to real goings on regards contracts, security, ect behind closed doors then it's unfair to castigate someone based on a final shot at green & co. for what it's worth u'll be pleased that for me pesonally, don't think gerrard will bring him back.

  9. Naismith would be a good addition who would strengthen our options upfront. Most definitely I would welcome him back.

  10. All business must be conducted in the best interests of the Club moving forward. That’s how it must be and looking back serves no purpose whatsoever.

    ….however …. bringing back a bang average treacherous 32yr old cunt is whoever he is, is not in the club’s best interest moving forward. The End.

  11. As you have not printed my previous coments i dont expect this one
    But i have to say what many supporters are saying IN is not helping the Cause
    Negativity when Positive is required ie Morelos Positive when Negative is Required ie Naeshame You say future of Club is more Important if thats the case why are you never mentioning Mr King our Glorious leader
    If IN want to help get this Cub Back i,ve got news for you its not working
    Reality has to set in
    and pitching Naismith to the Fans is Shamefull
    Dont care if you print or not ive only said what manny many supporters feel

    • Quite honestly Bob we don’t have a clue what you’re getting at. You appear to have lost the plot with us because of a difference of opinion over Naismith. The majority of fans want him back. We just want good players. We’re not quite sure why you keep bringing Dave King into it either.

    • like king or not name another to dip into his pocket to the tune of 20m? where are all these guys that wanted to save us previously. why not get on board when the club is on the up, and cement a real challenge to celtic financially or was it easy pickings.

  12. I.N. the best thing that could happen is for naismith to be invited to explain in full his comments and the real facts behind what was going on behind closed doors.

  13. When Hell Freezes Over!!
    Would Not Be Happy if We Resigned Naismith! 👊

    1. Hes a Slimy Wee Prick who Stuck the Knife in to Our Club when we were already on the ground and Bleeding Heavily

    2. We nursed him through those Injuries and look at how he repaid?

    3. That Press Conference should be enough!

    4. 32 and No Resale Value 

    Id Rather Solanke or Abraham on Loan
    Id Rather Grigg
    Id Rather Llorente(Spurs)
    Id Rather Cummings, 
    Id Rather Brophy
    Id Rather Re-Sign Miller 😂
    Id Rather Hardie get a Shot

    …see where im going with this?

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