Latest claims about Rangers chief surely make his position untenable


The David Bates’ saga has reared its head again this morning with the former Rangers defender making strong allegations against the club, and, in particular, ex-manager and current youth coach Graeme Murty.

In the latest incident of a player suggesting the 43-year old has been economical with the truth, Bates says the claims of his departing because we couldn’t afford him were absolute ‘lies’, and that not only was it not about money, but he strongly countered Murty’s allegations further by saying he never actually received a single contractual offer.

It adds to up to yet more fallout from the Murty era, with the nonsense of the Hampden incident still ringing in our ears following the successful appeal by Wallace and Miller, and quite honestly given everything that happened with the former Reading defender, we’re completely and utterly at a loss as to how he got his old job back.

In the case of Bates, the Hamburg stopper has no reason to lie at all – he still watches our matches, he’s still a Rangers supporter and he only has good words to say about our club, so what good it would do now to suddenly make hogwash up about Graeme Murty and contract offers only he would know. Therefore, in light of historical events we’re more inclined to believe his side than his ex-manager’s.

It really does make us wonder just how much rubbish actually happened under the old manager, on top of this, Hampden-gate and a bunch of other little things, and why the club backed him unquestioningly when it appears it was only his word as evidence.

With the appeal being upheld, the board and Murty look even sillier and this latest accusation against the ex-boss truly makes us consider his position of still being at our club completely toxic.

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  1. The thing is, apart from making up lies about miller and Wallace (tav said Murty wasn’t even in the room at the time) I can’t actuallt see how we can sack him from a legal point of view

  2. Ok, there are some misunderstandings about what has actually been said

    Quotes from Daily Record “When I was there I asked for a contract for a long time and never got one.Eventually they got talking but I had options to go to places like Hamburg." “I don’t want to say too much about how I left. But in my opinion what was said was complete lies. It was never about the money or stuff like that. It was about feeling appreciation from a club. Like the way Hamburg went about it."

    He doesn't say he didn't get a contract offer. I think he says he waited a long time to get one, but by the time it appeared he felt unwanted and Hamburg made him feel wanted. He doesn't deny Hamburg offered more money, but says it wasn't about the money.

    I thought at the time we made a bad mistake letting him go. As soon as he went into the first team, we should have said let's tie you down for 4-5 years. If he says no, back to the reserves to rot. Mind you, we shouldn't have let Wilson go either in January.

    Having said all that, neither Bates nor Wilson would get onto our bench now, so it is hard to be too concerned about how things have turned out. If anybody would swap Goldson or Katic for Bates or Wilson, please go straight to A&E and tell them you are suffering from extreme paranoid delusions. I hope you get better soon

    • As you say he wouldn't get onto our bench now so it's probably just as well we didn't get handed a 4-5 year contract as you suggested.

  3. Contractual offers are not in the gift of the interim manager , surely ? Someone higher up , more concerned with saving money has to take the blame . Murty is , again , being set up as a patsy to deflect criticism from those who are really culpable !

  4. Honestly why the witch hunt over Murty ? King has been the root of nearly every mess the club has had and he skates?
    Murty is a bit part player, the fact he gets so much attention screams deflection

    • Hi Scott, it's our job to cover the bad as well as the good. If there are any topics not to your taste, feel free not to read them.


    • If, by the time we went to offer him a contract and Hamburg had already put their offer on the table then my guess is we could no longer afford him. Why then does this make Murty’s position untenable??
      And why the constant witch hunt of Murty? He was clearly not capable of doing the job that was forced upon him but did it to the best of his limited ability.

  5. Murty is a distraction for the clowns in charge. Thats why hes still around. The fat geordie is harder to wheel out as a boagie man now.

    • The fat cockney b*stard still has boagie man status and is still f*cking with our club. You need to pay more attention.
      And Murty's still around to distract from us from the "clowns" hiring SG, spending millions on what's agreed are quality signings and qualifying for Europe.

      You might be on to something there!

  6. Murty certainly doesn't deserve all the criticism he gets. He was hung out to dry by Rangers management, it was obvious that he was never suitable to become rangers manager. But we cannot blame Murty for accepting the "opportunity" to become manager, and it gave Rangers someone to blame when it went from bad to worse.
    Now as far as I am aware, no-one actually knows any of the detail of the Miller/Wallace issue and the basis or reason on which Rangers suspended them. I am a huge fan of Miller and Wallace and have no doubt they didn't deserve to be treated the way they were, but do we actually know that Murty made accusations against them? Or is it just supposition?

  7. Graham Murty never said that Rangers couldn't match the Hamburg offer. He did say that an offer had been made and Bates had made his mind up to leave. Maybe David Bates needs to be careful what he says months later, why not say it at the time !!

    • Dougie, I think David Bates has been careful in what he says. But others have jumped to misinterpretations. It happens, it's not the end of the world.
      It is all in the past now anyway
      We, as Bears, are all in a much happier place now, thank the Lord

  8. I always rated David Bates. He reminds me of a young Alex Mcleish and he became a really good centre back. It wouldn't surprise me if he ended up back at Rangers in a few years time when he may well be a Scottish international. Time will tell.

  9. I liked murty we never struggled for goals under him and come the defeats against celtic he had already been told he wasnt getting the job its very demoralising cos full time in charge no one got behind him cos he wasnt a big name im glad thing are on the rise under gerrard but feel murty gets too much grief for a small part he played

  10. Murty needs to Go
    Robertson needs to Go

    How Wallace and Miller have been Treated is Disgusting!

    Letting Wilson and Bates was a Big Mistake (for which I was gutted)

    But like has been mentioned they would no longer get in the team due to the Massive CB upgrade and the Fantastic work being done by SG and his Management Team.

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