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Our hearts go out to Jordan Rossiter. After another false dawn this summer which made the Liverpool youth graduate appear to be centre of Steven Gerrard’s thinking, plus the hype about the suitability of Rossiter’s idol becoming his manager and mentor, today’s confirmation of his exclusion from the Europa League group stage squad is a further damning indictment of his chances of ever becoming a regular player for Rangers.

Regular readers will know we recently covered his conspicuous omission from a group of players Gerrard sought to get fit inside weeks, naively hoping it might just be an oversight, but his exclusion from a competition which will run for the rest of this year is probably the most categorical suggestion yet that, sadly, Rossiter could be not only finished as a Rangers player, but finished as a player.

Signed in summer 2016, this talented young DM had literally everything needed to make it in the game. Every positive attribute you could label at a footballer, Rossiter had it all, and more. But with only 10 appearances, his Rangers career (and career) has been a diabolical litany of injuries and if anyone didn’t deserve that, it’s Rossiter. The one thing he didn’t have was fitness.

It’s becoming more and more clear why Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp let him go so easily, and why Rangers, it turns out, got anything but a bargain at £250,000.

We shudder to imagine how much the club has spent on medical treatment, rehabilitation, and of course the player’s wages, and it breaks our hearts to hold our hands up and give up on him.

Naturally, it wouldn’t be the first time. But this is the second summer in a row where Rossiter has ‘regained fitness’ (remember 2017 and he and Niko Kranjcar’s returns?) only for it to fall flat and quickly.

They say this was ‘only’ an ankle injury, and unrelated to the previous problems – but the omission from that UEL squad is pretty clear – Steven Gerrard doesn’t expect Rossiter fit any time soon.

On the other hand, Graham Dorrans’ previously gloomy prognosis has turned out false and the attacking midfielder is included in the squad – which gives some idea of the pessimism over his junior team mate.

We don’t know where Rossiter goes from here – his problems seem never ending, and unfortunately injury and he appear to go hand in hand.

All we now know, from an objective point of view, it’s getting horribly close to the ‘mutual consent’ stage. Speaking from our hearts though, we want to be wrong. We want this lad to turn it around.

Well over two years on since we signed him, and the signs aren’t improving, however. They’re getting worse.


  1. Rossiter must be going through hell psychologically. After a solid close season where he looks like he is getting back to full fitness he suffers yet another injury and it appears to be another case of deja vu. In the games that we have seen him play, including the England Under 18 games there is no doubting his quality, we saw more than a glimpse of his skill against Hibs at the end of the season when he even appeared to withstand a serious assault by Scott Allan. As a support we need to be told what exactly the current situation is and for young Rossiter we need to hope and pay that the medical experts can find a way of restoring him to full fitness

    • Totally agree. Someone needs to ask the question and a definitive answer. What's going on? What exactly is the problem? Why is taking so long? When realistically is he due back? I'm sick of hearing just a injury, just a niggle or the infamous "back in a couple of weeks". He has so much potential that we just can't give up on this guy, when we do get a glimpse of him in action he looks head n shoulders above everybody!

    • Playing in Scotland with all the hammer throwers and revenge artists when ignored by the referee is probably not the place for him to be.

  2. Agree with your assessment but there comes a time to make decisions on the viability of paying high wages without any return We have never been privy to exactly what his injuries have been there is in my opinion an underlying problem with the young mans health in general which leads to him becoming injury prone It is very sad when he played against the edinburgh celtic at easter road at the end of the season he looked the part

  3. lets not eight him off just yet negative talk should be pegged back until we know exactly how he is actually with his injury

  4. I feel for the guy. I really do. The thing is, this is a season, where we can carry no dead weight. The last time he played, he displayed obvious skills. We just can't afford his wages, with no return. I wish him the best, for his future. Wherever and whatever, that may be.

  5. Your post is a great touch to the boy. I got in to a bit of a spat with one of the authors on Ibrox Noise who claimed he could be a future captain and 5 million pound player in the Summer if you remember when he compared him to Jack Grealish and to be fair it was when we thought he was over the worst. Like I said back then we had to see this boy stack up 10-15 games in a row before we could even compare him to even the likes of Ross McCrorie who is still a bigger asset. Rossiter, as we know, doesn't have a level of player we can even compare him to anymore.

    It's been a disaster of a signing considering his 10k a week wages are being paid with no return.

    Personally, we've came that far with him that I wouldn't want to give up because I still hope myself he can come back. However I do feel that the board could renegotiate his deal as a show of good will or else in 2 years he can run the risk of having no Club willing to take the chance. We have about a million in wages still to pay him which we can't afford to pay him off with. We either need to get it down – perhaps pay him his remaining amount over a new 4 year deal so it's saving us by spreading the cost and giving him security. If he can get over the worst of it we save money whilst giving him the start to his career that he should have had with the 4 year deal in 2016. I'd hate it if we get him back and before you know it he is the player we thought he would be but has 1 year left and leaves us in the dumps after all the wages we spent on him when he was the one in the dumps. Hopefully it's the kind of logic the board and player could come to but it's all easier said than done. Hopefully it's not the end for the boy Gerrard has big plans for him and said he was outstanding in the training camp so I don't think he will give up either.

    • Some sound logic there Coco. It would be unusual for a player to negotiate his wages down but I'm sure the player would understand the need for the club to protect themselves. It could be done with the promise that we would negotiate a better deal if he can prove his fitness over a period of time. As you say it also gives the player himself some protection over a longer period.

  6. There's some hope – look at the Luke Shaw details that are coming out now. Hopefully JR gets fit and joins Shaw in the England squad…….and picks up some silver with us on the way.

  7. Its time to let him go
    …Hes Injury Prone simple as that

    We have to let him go and find his path somewhere else

    We are consistently seeing why it was so easy to take him off Liverpools Hands 😣

    He is Never gonna be fit Enough for an Extended Period of time 👊

    Bye Bye JR, All The Best 👏

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