Is unlikely Rangers hero set to start in Spain?


It’s been good to see Andy Halliday getting some credit in recent months. We wrote a piece on him some weeks ago telling the fans to get off his back – we know he’s not going to be a first pick with everyone fit, and he knows it too, but he has clearly upped his game with the current opportunity he has now and he’s making the most of it.

Set to start tonight in Spain, Halliday will never be of  the level Rangers need long term, but he will not let his side, team mates, or our fans down and he’ll give everything.

There have been some angry comments on site recently about him, that Rangers won’t win anything with him in the side. Well, we assume this excludes individual matches because every match he’s played in this season, he’s been part of either a winning side or one which drew.

He’s doing a job, and he’ll do one tonight. He’s grown in the DM role, and with all of Rangers’ first choice DMs unavailable, bar the inexperienced Ross McCrorie, Halliday will fill in with his usual aplomb.

Not flash, not amazing, not Claude Makelele, but good enough to do his part.

Rangers are unlikely to win tonight, we are, after all, up against the hardest side we’ve faced since we lost to Manchester United in 2010. Our defence lacks experience at this level and we think they’ll struggle v Cazorla, Bacca and co.

But Halliday will do what he can and he’s earned the right to have a go at such opponents.

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