Monday, 17 September 2018

Hero to zero and back - the incredible turnaround for THIS Rangers star

"He knows now he’s become very unpopular with fans through no fault of his own – and yes we have better players to select. And that’s great. It’s a marvel to watch the club bloom.

But get off Halliday’s back and let him and the manager get on with it, for goodness’ sake."

Ibrox Noise – 14/08/18

Now, while we still won’t pretend Andy Halliday is or should be a first pick assuming everyone is fit, Steven Gerrard has nevertheless made this increasingly long-serving stalwart of the team bloom in a way no previous manager could, and where Rangers do have better options to select if the squad is fully available, few could argue Andy Halliday has let us down this season.

His versatility in covering at left back for Jon Flanagan or Declan John or anyone else, and now his frankly impressive displays in the middle of the park, working for the team, running for the team, and delivering for the team means that the lad, thanks to the coaching of his new manager, has upped his game considerably and shouted the doubters up.

Have Ibrox Noise always been his biggest supporter? No, we would never revise history and claim we were. But we felt, especially in recent times, that the flak he was getting from many quarters of the support was simply unacceptable and his displays on the pitch certainly hadn’t merited it.

And now he is looking assured – is there any coincidence that following the quoted article, and the support he’s had on here and elsewhere as a result, that he’s looked more confident, happier and done a job which fans have recognised?

More and more mentions of his displays seem to punctuate recent matches, and while no one is pretending he’s Claude Makele or the like, he’s certainly impressing an increasing number of fans who see one of their own in midfield working like a dog and for the shirt, and playing a bit too.

It’s good to see – the Gerrard influence has improved a number of players for sure, and presently, Andy Halliday seems to be reaping the most reward.

And it’s nice to see fans acknowledging him rather than giving him abuse.


  1. Couldn'y agree more. Andy Halliday is a good player who Caixinho clearly took a dislike to. How many remember a game against Celtic afew years ago when he had Scott Brown in his back pocket?? He did his best for the team at left back--but that is never his best position, and so he was made to look bad playing out of position. Glad to see that Gerrard has seen the good in Halliday, and, particularly now when Rangers have so many games coming up, they very much need more than just three midfielders. We have already seen that with injuries to Coulibahly, Arfield, and Ryan, and no doubt others will be injured as the year goes on. Andy will always be there, ready to do his best. In contrast, we have the useless, sulking, Morelos, who has had so many bad games that I do not understand why Rangers have not got what transfer money they could for him--and get him out the door. The most effective striker in Scotland right now is STEVE Naismith. I say--OUT WITH MORELOS AND IN WITH NAISMITH IN THE JANUARY WINDOW.

    1. What's with the hate for Morelos it's an article about Halliday get a grip

  2. Credit where credit is due, Andy is doing himself no harm at all with his recent performances. I am guilty of giving Andy stick and was against keeping him on a previous article IN wrote. I eat my hat , he is a good squad player and he is living the dream, good on him. WATP

  3. Where`s Naismith ?? We need him!!

  4. While he can hold his head high after recent performances he isnt going to get much better, Docherty on the other hand is, Haliday should be a Shrewsbury and wee Greg getting the rub from traing under Stevie on a daily basis.

    For Greg to be told theres no minutes for him but there is for Andy is a mystery to me.

    1. Good point but Halliday isn't getting a lot of game time and will probably get less as the season progresses and everyone is fit. Young Docherty needs to be playing most weeks as he will learn more from playing than he will from the bench. I'm just disappointed it wasn't at a better standard.

  5. Okay he has a couple of decent games, hardly stood out and l fear he will get ripped apart against Villareal Thursday, l hope im proved wrong but seriously doubt it as watching him last 2 seasons he has been absolutely rank

  6. Halliday is piss poor and shouldn’t be near our squad let alone our team. Takes too many touches and scrambles to keep secure possession, hes lightweight, can’t head a ball, has little technical ability and is slow across the grass.a real weak link teams can exploit. Apart from that he’s great. I love him

  7. Absolutely Delighted! 😃👏
    Always been a Massive Halliday Fan.

    Yeah Sure, Hes not Makelele or Xavi
    but He Works himself into the ground, is Versatile, and would do absolutely anything for the club.

    Would like to see Holty given the same Treatment next Season.

    Would like to see Docherty brought back to the club in January perhaps.


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