Has emerging Rangers star just nicked regular’s place?


After a number of fans have ‘enjoyed’ a lively debate on the merits or otherwise of Andy Halliday at defensive midfield, the choice may have been taken out of everyone’s hands with the return yesterday to first-team affairs of Ross McCrorie.

A slight surprise starter, McCrorie is one many fans have high hopes for, and while on pure merit only his biggest supporters would strongly make a case that he’s superior to both Ryan Jack and Jordan Rossiter, nevertheless yesterday’s display from the U21 Scotland captain confirmed a number of things about the Auchenhowie youth product.

First of all, that on his game, he’s not a significantly huge downgrade on the aforementioned Jack and Rossiter. Sure, he probably is the weakest of the three, but for matches like this, the bread and butter of the SPL and domestic cup matches, he is really no slouch and does the shirt and his selection justice.

Secondly, manager Steven Gerrard quite simply made an error earlier this season putting him as the ‘one’ in the 4-1-4-1 he started out with – McCrorie needs a bit of support and a tighter midfield – in the 4-3-3 he has that – every time the anchor has played in the 4-3-3 he’s looked at least good, and frequently better. For Gerrard to suggest his red card at St Mirren knocking his confidence is why he struggled earlier this season is a bit of brass neck quite honestly! McCrorie thrives in the three, and we are seeing his competence now. More than.

Thirdly, his growing maturity and flexibility. To switch to the right back slot (although why was Halliday not put on for Tavernier and Flanagan switched to RB?) and be comfortable there was impressive. Yes, he’s been playing there for his country recently, but it’s handy to have another player who can adapt to a number of positions and improve versatility for the team.

And lastly, that Andy Halliday may just have seen his place nicked, permanently. Halliday is a very useful squad player who never lets his team down – but if all is pure and holy he just isn’t a starter, and McCrorie’s excellent display yesterday may just have propelled him to main defensive mid in Jack and Rossiter’s absences.

McCrorie had a very good outing, and proved himself very adept at this level. There have been doubts about him following his struggles in the 4-1-4-1, but we’ve always insisted that with close support in the 4-3-3 he is perfectly decent.

Whether McCrorie goes onto improve and become a match if not better than Rangers’ (theoretical) main choices for DM, he has done his chances no harm at all with this display.

It just gives Rangers even more depth, and that’s what we want.


  1. It was rotation after the european games nothin more. And please slop saying rossiter. He’s an untested youth player not a 1st team starter … he’s played 10 games his whole carrear

    • The mention of Rossiter is your issue with a piece which discusses McCrorie over Halliday? Maybe you’ve missed our point?

    • McCrorie was absolutely superb yesterday. Back to his best from early last season. Winning everything in midfield and then playing well as a wing back for the last half hour. I didn't realise quite how talented he is. He will dispute that place with Jack, and incidentally I agree with Stuart – stop going on about Rossiter all the time. He is bottom of my list – he has played one good game for us whilst picking up about £1.5M in wages. No way would he start ahead of an in form McCrorie.

    • Gerard has said that he sees haliday as his 2nd captain so I wouldn’t read much more into the fact that he didn’t start. What did get me though was why Flanagan started over Wallace … a right back starting over a left back personally I’d have played Wallace

  2. McCorie still has a long way to go. Remember he was sent off for stupid tackle against ST Mirren. Just learning his trade.

  3. McCrorie and Halliday will probably both start on Wed, Halliday in his midfield berth and McCrorie at RB as Tav will be rested. Or maybe Halliday at LB and McCrorie in the midfield berth with Flanagan at RB?
    Its great to have these options and that's what McCrorie and Halliday are giving us, they will be used in rotation going forward, we have a lot of games to get through.

  4. One of the best performances I've seen for years. The whole team played well and we could have scored more.

    marks out of ten for me were:

    McGregor 6 (nothing to do)
    Tavernier 8
    Goldson 6.5
    Katic 6.5
    Flanagan 6 (he is not a left back – how many more time??)
    McCrorie 9 (superb showing)
    Coulibaly 7
    Arfield 8
    Candeias 8
    Kent 8
    Morelos 9 (unbelievable performance – unplayable at times)

    Even with injuries the squad is looking deep now. I think we can go on and get 55 this season. We just need to watch the injury situation as we seem to be getting a few too many.

    If we can get Barisic back in place of Flanagan

    • Not bad ratings FJ in honesty. For Flanagan not being a natural LB I thought he’s done ok. I’d prefer a natural LB but he’s steady when needed.
      Goldson & Katic not there best but 100% better than anything last yr..The Buffalo was on top form unplayable 👌🏼

  5. I agree with the issues of Rossitter.

    Shame bla bla bla.
    But he is never deserving a mention in my opinion.

    Shame it's injury linked, but its time to get loyal to actual players.

    Halluday? He'll, there's a guy who's fought like a Tiger to prove worthy.

    McCrorrie, spent years running through treacle and the odd perception that non Scots youth players are better.
    Middleton? Not a person can tell me Rossitter should be anywhere near the teamsheet before wee Glen. In ANY position.
    Middleton is a FABULOUS player.

    If we don't get him signed up before Christmas WE WILL REGRET IT.
    Lafferty Morelos Middleton Kent up front Yummy

    Rossitter should sign s disclosure stating if he leaves to any other club and exceeds a certain number of games, H E , should return unearned cash.

  6. Have to point out again that Ryan Jack has for me been so inconsistent…only consistency hes shown is the ability to disdapear in important matches. He's not that good and Id let him warm the bench or punt him in January. Squad player at best. Mcrorie is stronger and plays with aggression whilst looking maturer all the time. Rossiter when fit will be a great player imo. Rangers fans havent seen how good this boy is yet!!! Pray he can get fit!

  7. In a Few Years, McCrorie will be an Absolute Beast! 😃💪
    …Future Rangers Captain.

    Keep Halliday, Good Back up to Have.

    Think We should give Wallace another chance and have him as Back-Up to Barisic.

    We need to Cut our Losses and Move Rossiter On!! …Boy probably spends more time in Hospitals/Injury Rooms than anywhere else 🤔

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