Tuesday, 25 September 2018

"Embarrassing" - Pedro signing slams Scottish football

Ex-Rangers defender Fabio Cardoso has given an interview to Portuguese newspaper A-Bola and while most media outlets are jumping over his admission of being ‘disrespected’ in Scotland (more on that later), Ibrox Noise would like to point out the more stark comment was his description of the Scottish game as ‘embarrassing’.

The defender, who was surplus under Steven Gerrard and frankly struggled throughout his time in Scotland, has claimed the game north of the border is essentially a global embarrassment and aside Rangers, Celtic and maybe one or two others the teams are rank rotten and our ‘physical’ game is shameful.

In his defence, he did get his noggin cracked as well so he probably does have a bit of a case to make there, but to be exact, he said:

“Scottish football is very physical. In my opinion, it doesn’t have as much quality as Portuguese, with the exception of the better teams like Celtic, Rangers and one or two others. The Scottish game is embarrassing because the referee allows many things. They play hard but if the referee asks to slow down it’s ignored. I don’t know if it’s out of spite, but sometimes it’s no ball and all."

In fairness again Cardoso isn’t exactly wide of the mark here. The referees in this country are horrendous, and the injoke about this is of course their sponsorship with Specsavers. But there does smack a hint of bitterness from him both about the broken nose (kind of understandable) and the fact he was axed from January onwards.

Would you agree our game is embarrassing? We feel at Ibrox Noise that we, strangely, have a new-found respect for the SPL. It is too physical at times, but equally it is a great leveller which reduces better players than Fabio Cardoso to looking silly – Joey Barton, Niko Kranjcar and others have found themselves looking bad up here. And we discover who is truly of the stuff to play for our club.

Cardoso wasn’t…

As for the ‘disrespected’ stuff? Well, we’ll have another entry on that one in due course…

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