Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Does Rangers' coach's key decision suggest ongoing feud?

Graeme Murty and Lee Wallace’s ‘feud’ from earlier this year shows subtle signs of still being present after the ex-skipper was selected for the Rangers reserves but wasn’t made captain.

As we brought you earlier, the lads travelled to St Andrews for the win over Dundee Utd, and there was no sign of either Umar Sadiq or Jordan Rossiter, but Wallace’s place at LB was most intriguing due to Murty’s opting of Cameron Palmer as captain.

Wallace, of course, has been completely vindicated for his part in the Hampden shambles, as was Miller, so we can’t help feeling it was a touch of pettiness on Murty’s part not to give the most experienced player in the team and former captain the armband for a pretty unimportant match.

Wallace deserves a bit more respect, and to be overlooked for the captaincy in such a minor match in the reserve league does smack of a refusal to let bygones be bygones, whatever they actually were.


  1. Murty should be nowhere near the club

  2. Don't see how you can link Murty to this. LW not in EL squad and manager has described needing game time or those in power trying to sicken him...either of these reasons closer to the truth. But Murty? Not for me.

  3. Wallace being made captain of Aceafemy team isn’t even remotely close to being a story let alone linked to Murty.


  4. Nah, I would rather that younger players were getting used to the idea of leadership within the team.

  5. Whoever is the normal captain of the reserves should be captain if he was playing. It would be wrong in my opinion, to give Wallace captaincy for one-off game.

  6. Murty should be hunted....Lee is not captain anymore. The guy that captained the reserves is probably regular captain so why change ....it's all experience for him....we can only let the clock tick down to Lee's departure....personally I'd replace Murty with him or KT

  7. No story here IN. Wallace will not play regularly for Murty's team who will have their regular captain who leads the regular reserve players. Standard practice. It would be enough for the youngsters to play alongside Wallace.

    1. Irrespective of what occurred between Murty and Wallace and Miller , it sticks in the craw that Murty has stood back and allowed Miller to exit Ibrox under such a cloud , after years of valiant service to the club . It looks very much like Wallace , a loyal servant and captain , will be heading down the same road . Murty really should have and could have , drawn a line under his feud with this pair , when he became aware of how events were going to escalate and what the consequences would be for two fine true blue Gers men who served our club proudly . He should be ashamed of himself and if there's anything he can do at this late stage to save Lee's Rangers career, he should do it .

  8. Have no faith, in Murty. Don't think he should be anywhere near our youngsters. Kenny Miller is the man I personally, would have liked, coaching our youngsters. That, was not to be.

  9. Murty is absolute toxic, should not be anywhere near Rangers, l will be the first to raise a glass not if but when that piece of shit gets the sack

  10. The roasting Murty gets from fans is shameful. Short and selective memories all round.

    As for the backing of Wallace and Miller, that’s as baffling as the Murty shit. They are 2 players who were/are long past their best and only picked up Millions from our club due to us being in a shitty state. As soon as we turned a corner and got our act together these guys were always certainties to be shown the door sharpish.

    To disrespect or attempt to undermine the Glasgow Rangers Manager , whether he be full time/caretaker/good or bad is disgraceful and beyond contempt. Our club cannot turn a blind eye or brush it aside and thankfully our senior management have not.

    Pity some fans, the minority and vocal, have other views but that’s no surprise as many football fans are fickle, knee jerk reactionists and at times downright ignorant to what it takes to run a large successful business let alone one of the worlds most prestigious football clubs. Fan ownership ? You’re having a fucking laugh.

    Let the Murty guy do what he came to our club to do and that’s pass on his knowledge and experiences of the professional game and what it takes to have them progress through to the first team.

    As for the ‘minority’ of detractors,? They can all go throw shite at the moon as the powers that be are blind and deaf to your shite, Thankfully. We have enough people going around trying to undermine our club without so called bears getting involved. Shame on you all.

  11. Murty Needs to be Booted out of our Club.

    Id Replace him with K.Thomson 🤔💪

    Murty is Just Pathetic 👊

    Basic Picture of what happened at Hampden :

    Wallace and Miller said to Murty that it was Fucking Unacceptable for Rangers to be getting beat 5-0 by Celtic week in Week Out and He Spat The Dummy Out


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