Did Steven Gerrard drop the ball with summer choice?

Did Steven Gerrard drop the ball with summer choice?

Regulars to Ibrox Noise will be well aware we were huge fans of Jason Cummings. The guy loved us, wanted to join us, and did everything in his power to achieve that.

It wasn’t to be, however, as the Nottingham Forest striker, on loan at Peterborough has admitted, he pushed for the move but manager Steven Gerrard wasn’t interested.

As it turns out, Cummings is thriving as a first pick at the Posh and is League One’s top scorer – this isn’t really a surprise – and yes, we know League One isn’t quite Champions League, but it’s still a very good level with some decent teams (Charlton, Luton, QPR to name but three).

And we have to wonder if this really is a sure sign Gerrard made a mistake signing Umar Sadiq and rejecting the ex-Hibs forward.

In recent matches too Gerrard has sent out a partnership up front – with Alfredo Morelos and Kyle Lafferty pairing together. This, of course, was the exact scenario Cummings craves, being part of a duo up front. It’s the environment he’s doing so well in at Posh, alongside fellow hitman Matthew Godden, and we cannot help but ponder how much stronger Rangers would be with Morelos, Lafferty and Cummings as options for all formations rather than the current hamstrung ones we currently rather have.

For his part, Cummings says he has unfinished business at Ibrox. We saw enough of him up here to know he still has plenty to give, and he would have had absolutely no settling in problems like Sadiq is.

Sadly, the big Nigerian lad is nothing but a wasted jersey albeit we hope he turns that around.

What do you think – did Gerrard secure the wrong striker?

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  1. Really cannot believe that SG sent Cummings away to bring us in this awkward, gangly looking Sadiq, who doesn't even look like a player.
    I reckon that SG Did make a mistake and I'd happily sell Morelos as I simply think that he will NEVER be Able to curb that Latin hot head of his.

    I'd have went and bought or even got on loan the ex murderwell player, Moult as he terrorised All the teams and scored a good few more goals against the filth.
    Just imagine for a moment, Lafferty and Morelos going at they filth CB's, Oh My ! and with the great crossed ball in from Baracic, Grezda, Kent or Tavernier, Candeias etc ?

    • What are you on about, we don't have to imagine anything – Lafferty and Moreles both faced Celtic on Sunday and did jack shit between them. Lafferty rolling around the floor acting hurt after Brown's missed tackle was pathetic tbh; but then he has good form for that kind of thing!

  2. Argh, and I forgot to say above ^^ that we'd also have Morelos and had we kept him (as I would have) Cummings And wee Morelos, Great for mix and match in loads of the games as it wouldn't have to be Lafferty and Moult (had we went for Moult like) playing all the time.

  3. Gerrard hasn’t dropped any ball, certainly not where Cummings is concerned. Aye the laddie has been on a wee run at Peterborough and good luck to him, Peterfuckinborough. OOOFFTT.

    Hardley GlasgowfuckinRangers. Behave.

  4. reckon moult or cumdog would score more than morelos over a season for gers so yes morelos one lucky guy what about docherty never given a chance better than what we have just now also mcrory been given raw deal ,cumdog should have been signed as were short up front even to just give morelos a rest

    • You reckon wrong Stevie. Go check Moults goal scoring record online then come back and tell me what you think makes him a Rangers player.

  5. I.N. would like a poll on who would score more goals over the season given a regular run a no.9 morelos or cumdog, i know who i would choose. more so with moult and laff. the manager persisted with wee buffalo despite his drought against them.

    • Cummins would score against Ayr United but against better teams…not so sure.
      TBH we can guarantee Gerrard has looked at videos of games when Cummings played and made his decision.

  6. I reckon he would've been worth £500k as a back up striker with hopes to prove himself better than that. If for no other reason than we are still short of strikers.

  7. If JC proves he can score all season in England’s third tier (which doesn’t include the mighty QPR incidentally), then he’s worth a punt up here as the overall standard is similar. Otherwise, forget it. And what’s all this shite about bringing Moult in? FFS

  8. Ibrox Noise I really don't see what this hard on is with Jason Cummings! Granted he's scored 6 League One goals (3 are penalties) but this is his level- League One and Scottish Championship.

    Hibs – 16 Premiership games – 0 goals
    Notts – 14 Championship games 1 goal
    Rangers – 15 Premiership games – 2 goals.

    I don't see what merit someone like Cummings has over someone like Oli McBurnie who equally loved us, wanted to join us, and did everything in his power to achieve that and move to his boyhood heroes.

    Your only valid point is that Sadiq thus far hasn't been a great signing. But spare us the mediocrity of suggesting Jason Cummings is even cut out to be a Rangers player and would be a better answer. Been blessed with strikers like Jelavic, Prso, Novo, Boyd, Arveladze and Mols in recent history.

    Aspire for better.

    Not good enough.

    Peterborough is his level.

  9. Q. who is gonnae hit the net week in/out. would SG be bold enough to try candieas or middleton beside lafferty as i feel they have the attributes to play the morelos role. they can take it to feet, hold it up and bring others into play not to mention their turn of pace playin on the shoulders of the defenders.it would give morelos a break. the manager should try these options during practice games.all that said , solanke should be sought in january along with steven davis and sound out john soutar. lastly, should bring in caulker as cover with EL in mind and keep them fresh.

  10. I'd reckon that with us Being RFC and having to rely upon a wee rough diamond who cannot even hold his temper and Still learning How to play his position IS our Main striker.
    It'd make proper sense being his age and say finishing like oh a dunno, say aguero
    but we all know he's not, nor will be until he learns to think clearly when in position to score.
    So Cummings also is not a Great but he'd at least have been an option and with better coaching from the New Coaching Team that SG brought-in, who's to know ?

    As for Moult, HE was terrorising all defences and could score against most if not all up here. Down south is not like playing up here, we could have brought him in for buttons ?

  11. Finally after 3 weeks of Having No Internet I can Comment Again 😂

    Think Cummings would have been worth a Punt for the following Reasons

    1. Young
    2. Bags of Potential
    3. Knows Scottish Football Inside and Out
    4. Would have Run Thru Brick Walls for SG
    5. Cheap with Good Sell on Value
    6. Aint No Worse than Herrera/Sadiq etc


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