Friday, 7 September 2018

Are Rangers set to make a big change at the top?

Well-known executive networking site Barnaby Stewart has mysteriously added a candidacy of ‘Managing Director’ at ‘one of the largest professional sports clubs in Scotland’, leading to speculation Rangers’ managing director Stewart Robertson is on the verge of an exit from the Ibrox boardroom.

It would be no real shock – in truth Rangers’ effective CEO of recent years has had a great number of failures on his watch, not least that of describing Pedro Caixinha as the ‘outstanding candidate’ but allegedly being the main driving force behind the Portuguese’s appointment.

From the shirt debacle (more on that later) to the absolute disaster of Miller and Wallace-gate, while it would be unfair to hold Robertson responsible for everything that has gone a bit awry the past few years, he is the captain and is responsible for the day-to-day running of the ship that is Rangers, so anything under his watch is his lot, both good and bad.

If this advert on Barnaby is related to Rangers, it is a sure sign the Robertson era is coming to an end. Of course, it probably isn’t and we all wasted our time ‘getting excited’.

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