Monday, 3 September 2018

A massive and timely boost for Rangers...

If ever an international break came at a perfect time for Rangers, it is now.

Steven Gerrard’s men have gone through a glut of fixtures to set this season off, and quite frankly have looked off the pace and jaded the past few matches.

It is even rare for a club manager himself to welcome a fortnight of international football, but Steven Gerrard has admitted this one has come at the right time, for a number of reasons, and it is hard to disagree with that.

First off, the patent fact that his men have not been in form since the Kilmarnock win. A slow start defensively in that one was overturned nicely and the visitors ran out comfortable winners, but a slightly underwhelming display v UFA followed, as did that draw at Fir Park, before the 9-man backs to the wall in Russia.

It all came to a head yesterday as Celtic deservedly ran out comfortable winners (again) at Parkhead.

Secondly, quite frankly the players need a rest. Two fixtures a week since the season started has drained these players. Yes, they’re professionals, and yes, they’re supposed to be fit as fiddles in light of that hyped-up pre-season training camp in Malaga, but they’re also human. They’re jaded. They’ve played too much and lost some of their edge. They might be able to run for days but eventually it catches up on you and the sharpness and hunger fades. This fortnight will restore much of that.

Thirdly, Rangers have DRAMATICALLY missed Lassana Coulibaly. There is absolutely no coincidence that the team’s worst form has coincided with his injury. Steven Gerrard has two weeks to get the international up to fitness and up to speed and has explicitly said this fortnight will do that for the Mali star. Rangers’ midfield lacks so much when he’s not there.

No, this international break is probably the most needed one we can remember. A few of our players will still be off on duty on it such as Kyle Lafferty, Borna Barisic, Alfredo Morelos and Ryan Jack (he got called up after all, did anyone notice) to name just four, but the majority will get a two week rest from serious competitive football to recharge the batteries.

And it’s never been more welcome.


  1. I hate the international break and would always rather we played a game after a bad result but yes, this break was definitely needed. They need the rest after a hard start to the season. Rest, then get working on the training field, get the new players integrated then Let's Go!

  2. One set back, let's move on,this squad have been together for a very short time played a lot of must win games (european)or your out.Let's sit back and reserve judgement sure it was not good,but i am sure before yesterday we were all positive on what we have seen under far.

  3. It’s just a break that’s needed. We’ve been playing two a week for 5 weeks plus traveling. It’s a tad unfair but I’d rather be in Europe than out. Once we get settled with a few prem games then we should be firing on all cylinders. The biggest problem yesterday (from what Goldson said) is they thought they needed to go defensive cause the Scottish media go on and on about how great Celtic are. Maybe the next game at ibrox we put them under pressure and watch them crumble. Too much respect and fear from Gerard and co yesterday

  4. Ryan Jack should tell the SFA to f*ck right off and enjoy the break from competitive games. A lot of tactical coaching to take place over the next two weeks.

  5. Usually i cant stand the international breaks but this time i welcome it, the players have given their all and some since the start of the season. no one expected us to get as far as we did in Europe so hats off to them, but the dogged Euro displays on a Thursday PM and the pretty competitive Sunday AM games have taken their toll.
    In 2 weeks we will be back rested, stronger and tearing up the league.......oh and or course Europe every 2nd week, cant wait.

  6. Just need Coul back in the middle of the park bossing it! 😃💪👊🔴⚪⭕

  7. I think Ejaria and Kent in particular will have learned from that. Ejaria should have been hooked halftime at latest. He ran his guts out Thursday, so don't know if he froze yesterday or just had nothing left.
    As many have pointed out, we had a hard start. Look at our next 5 games. Hope for maximum points and put a bit of pressure on them.
    But as Stevo says, we really missed Coulibally

  8. Millionaire footballers feeling tired shocker! Come on! You are playing for The Famous Glasgow Rangers. I would turn out even if I was dead.

  9. Think the international break is gonna be a good thing because it gives the players time to take a breather, gives Coulibaly time to get over the injury and just generally recharge their batteries 💪⭕⚪🔴


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