Tuesday, 11 September 2018

75% of Rangers fans polled want this man out of Ibrox

After David Bates’ comments recently re-opened another can of Ibrox worms, we once again found ourselves embroiled in the Graeme Murty debacle.

Indeed, some of the responses to the topic accused us and others of a ‘witch hunt’ against the 43-year old, when the reality is his actions and the furore surrounding how his managerial reign panned out are the subject of contention, and whether they deem him suitable for a position at Ibrox.

In a recent poll, an overwhelming 75% of Rangers fans who responded believe Graeme Murty should no longer be at Ibrox, with just 25% defending his position.

Some have claimed he was a mere patsy for the board, and took all the flak for mistakes the board made, but absolving all actions of a person as under duress and at the whim of the board above him not only feels astonishingly convenient but has absolutely no basis of evidence to support it.

Indeed, most of the board’s incompetence we’ve seen transparently and quite clearly – they have done some good things for sure, but the things they got wrong are fairly obvious.

Acquitting Murty as a patsy seems a little loose, and we must remember he is not a stupid man who would sign up to take the heat off the board. He signed up because he wanted to.

That all said, we really hope there are no more fall out stories involving Murty – as much as we’d rather he wasn’t still on the payroll, he is, and we’d rather not continue to cover him and his time as manager.

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