69% of Rangers fans polled want first team star axed


Despite a clamour of responses on the site lately claiming Ovie Ejaria has become indispensable, it appears the numbers don’t back that up.

Ibrox Noise hadn’t really covered the Liverpool loanee extensively, and a number of comments to us suggested he deserved more credit and was either one of our best performers or our outright best player.

We weren’t convinced about this, albeit giving his noticeable improvement the recognition it deserved – and it seems the majority of our readers feel the same.

In a recent poll, only 31% of Rangers fans would actually select Ovie Ejaria in the first team if everyone was fit and available, which pours cold water over suggestions he’s a clear star performer in the side.

This isn’t meant to be an attack on the lad – he is a developing player, and hopefully in time he will get significantly better, but he has admitted he sees his future at Liverpool and has never really looked overly delighted at playing his football at Ibrox – indeed, on the day he signed the loan, he was regaling the world about his future at Anfield and made no reference to his loan up north.

It appears 69% of fans agree with us – that he’s a good bench option, he’s a good squad option, but if everyone is available, he should not be a starter.


  1. I'll stand by Stevie Gerrard he's the manager. Opinion polls go for nothing on this site or any other rangers site half them are from the dark side.

    • Believe us BB, we know about the infiltrators. We received some very enlightening information recently on that front!

  2. Again, like Ryan Kent who was being slated, the 69% need a reality check. Like you say he is still a developing player and people need to realise that. Of course he is going to go on about wanting in the Liverpool squad, that is his primary employer and is only showing his loyalty to them like he should. He knows to get into that squad he must perform wherever he is loaned out to, the boy isn't dense for goodness sake. Come the end of the season the 69% who are totally negative as usual will be demanding that SG gets the lads signature to stay at Ibrox

    • I'm in the 69% and I don't need any reality check and I'm definitely not negative! It's a simple question…if all the midfielders are fit would ejaria be in the team?? My opinion is coulibaly, jack and arfield should be 1st choice. That's not saying anything bad about ejaria, mcrorie, Halliday, Dorrans etc. Im delighted we have so many options and competition for places. Settle yourself down and read the article and the question properly!

    • Agree Stevie. If Ejaria is selected and plays well enough to retain his place then good luck to him. If I see him in the team it doesn't concern me in the slightest as the lad can play. I simply suggested that if everyone was equal then I'd prefer to play and develop our own players unless the loanee can make a significant difference to the team like Coulibally. I don't think Ejaria is in that position yet. That doesn't in any way make me negative about the player or call for his head if he is performing.

  3. The logic is flawed. If 31% want him to be a starter, it simply means that either 69% don't want him to be, OR have no opinion.

    • Sorry Roy, if you look at the original poll, there's no flaw – the question is asking if the fans would select him in the XI or not if everyone is fit. 69% said no. There's no flaw in the logic here that we can see!

  4. Ejaria seems to be fitting the reviews the Liverpool fans were giving him before he arrived here. FRUSTRATING! he dissapeared in the OF game and wasnt willing to stand up and be counted. He has Good feet but dribles stright at defenders and loses the ball. Poor decision making but technically able imo.

  5. Ejaria before Arfield for me, every day of the week, twice on a Sunday.

    How Arfield is so highly rated is beyond me. We’ll haud on….he played in the prem & declared his love of Gers. Ah, that must be it as it’s certsinly not due to his performances. Water carrier so he is, like the biggest imposter on our books, Mr Halliday the badge kisser. PPFFFT…pile of shite.

  6. Decent Squad Player…Not a Starter

    Just a Few Clicks above Oduwa/Zelalem

    He will End up on Loan to some Championship Team next anyway ✋

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