Friday, 24 August 2018

"Wrong guy in the wrong team?" - Rangers v UFA ratings

10 matches unbeaten (13 including the friendlies) under Steven Gerrard and it is clearly going even better than even the most optimistic believer would have conceived.

Another fine win last night, even if the score should have been more convincing and perhaps the team played a little within itself. Here’s some Ibrox Noise ratings for you to wildly disagree with:

Allan McGregor:

A massive save near the end and a few pretty solid ones, our goalie wasn’t called into an especially abundant amount of work, but what he did he did with his usual assurance. 8

James Tavernier:

Few mistakes this time, Tavernier was more like his recent self with good attacking and solid defending. UFA were limited down his side significantly. 7

Connor Goldson:

Just strolls through matches like they’re not there. Another imperious night for a player who is easily top half of the EPL level. Add his goal and nearly stunning assist for Morelos and there’s little to really fault. 9

Nikola Katic:

The gritty one, takes a tonne of work for the team and never gives attackers an inch. He’s such a hard worker, and while he continues to learn and still makes the odd mistake (he’s only 21!), he is on course to becoming an international for his country. 8

Jon Flanagan:

Really doesn’t like going forward this lad, but worked hard at the rear. Like Tavernier, he stopped most attacks on his side and while nothing flashy, it was very effective. 7

Ryan Jack:

Maybe not quite as dominant a display as we’ve been accustomed to seeing recently, but what he did he did well. Did look slightly like he was one inch off full match sharpness following his return from concussion. But still very good. 7

Scott Arfield:

Another busy and experienced display from Arfield. He’s a consistent, stable and reliable performer who knows how to lead those around him and uses the ball well. 7

Ovie Ejaria:

This was his stand out display – looks like he is growing in confidence and was willing to try things, beat men, and use the ball well. It’s the best he’s done as a Ranger. 8

Ryan Kent:

We still to this day remain unconvinced he’s a better option than Glenn Middleton, and we cannot shake that feeling he is the wrong guy in the wrong team, even if he was far from hopeless. He’s still not put in one truly great display. Prove us wrong, Ryan. 6

Daniel Candeias:

A hard working show but played more centrally than we’d have liked at times. Better used on the flank. 6

Alfredo Morelos:

Ok, so he should absolutely have scored, but otherwise it was a very fine display from a player who has every excuse to tools down in light of all the interest in him. The fact he remains hard working is a testament to his improving maturity and attitude. 8


The Bold Kyle:

What an eventful cameo! Booked rightly for an overzealous boot (unintentional), Lafferty showed in only 15-20 minutes his improved touch, his desire, and his composure since he left. Still as crazy as a brush, but a far better player for it. 7

Glenn Middleton:

Didn’t get much to do or time to impress, but was decent enough. 6

Steven Gerrard:

Just keeps getting it right every single match. Pundits are amazed at the start he’s had as a manager, and that extends to the fans. Keep this up and we’ll struggle to keep him, unfortunately, but let’s hope he brings us 55 at least before he moves onto his Anfield destiny. 10

No denying this was a decent result, but there was a definite feeling of playing within ourselves, as if trying to save a little for upcoming encounters. The scoreline should have been more convincing. The fact that was the case yet we remained comfortable gives a staggering indication of how far this club has come in the two+ months under Gerrard.


  1. Was a good result. Shame we couldn’t put it to bed but next week will prob suit us. They were out last night to be annoying and to stop us anyway possible. I expect next week to be much more open from them, and will allow our attack to kill them off

  2. Pretty much agree with scores although think you werea little rough on Jack who could have got an extra point.
    Also thought Middleton scared the shit out of them.
    -Get ball
    -Run at fullback
    -Beat him or get fouled
    Needs more game time, starting Sunday

  3. Agree with IN comments apart from young Kent, I thought he was better .Kyle will be a great asset both off and on the field .Candelias works teally hard but sometimes doesn't get the right balls in ..Its all good. The next three games will define our season...BRINGITON

  4. I kind of suspected that this was not going to be a great Rangers performance simply because everyone expected us to beat them by at least two goals. No matter how much you try to instill in a team to work their butts off in every game against so called weaker opposition the tempo will always slow down. I also would have liked to have seen Middleton called into action a lot earlier as it just wasn't happening for Ryan Jack. I also think that if he does get a few games we might find that Middleton could be found out by always trying to use his speed on the outside to beat his man so perhaps SG thinks for now the last twenty minutes to run at a tiring defence is his best option for Middleton. I just don't understand how a professional footballer can be so one footed like Flanagan.....get out on your own on the training pitch and spend hours hitting the ball with your left foot.

  5. I thought kent put in some excellent effort last night, ran his arse off until he was taken off. There was something really fishy about that referee last night, the amount morelos was fouled and no cards shown was shocking. Not to mention the 2 stone wall penalties. Ridiculous. Confident we will finish them off next week though.

  6. Lafferty didn't do anything to deserve a 7, including a wasteful shot wide and a poor cutback towards the end. Arfield is a little frustrating, seemed to panic a couple of times outside their crowded box and ended up prodding the ball to noone in particular.

  7. I could not understand the ref`s decisions. At first I thought he was being lenient as not to spoil the game,but then he got worse. ???????????

  8. Once again we had a Referee who was nothing short of an idiot, countless automatic yellows overlooked, at least one of the penalty claims was a stone waller. Just seems like every game we’re on the receiving end of some very poor and sometimes game changing decisions (Morelos-Aberdeen) springs to mind. SG had every right in his comments regarding them last week. As always we carry on but it’s becoming normal now to see poor refereeing from game to game.

    1. I have to agree 100% with you Paul. The referee gave almost 90% of the fouls correctly, which I was happy about, but failed in his duties to hand out yellow cards that are decreed fron the governing body in that shirt pulling, deliberate hand ball and persistent fouling, usually 4 or 5 is the limit depending on the severity of the fouls committed.Just one of their players alone (No. 17) committed countless fouls throughout the game, shirt pulled on two occasions and had a deliberate hand ball and was the player who chopped Candeias for the lesser of the two penalties we should have had.
      Even if the referee had yellow carded one of their players early on in the game might have reduced the physicality of their play.
      One day we might have a set of officials who play it fair or have I been taking too many fairyland pills again?

  9. Well do this 0-2 next week as they'll need to try something resembling football. Also Tavernier continued to play as he has all season. There was nothing "recent" about his performance. Whisper it but I think Ejaria is going to be a big player for us this year - got a bit of stick on here at the weekend but he seems a composed lad who carries out different roles on a regular basis. I can see why SG rates him.

  10. Don't agree with your mark for Middleton. He had a lot of the ball for the 15 minutes he was on and scarred the hell out of the opposition. Had he been on longer I think he would've been our match winner. Actually I thought Kent was decent last night but expect he can and will do better. Don't give up on him yet.

  11. Referee was very weak. They got away with continual and intentional fouls and Lafferty got booked for a reckless but unintentional foul.

  12. Winning still winning💪

    Stop fuckin moaning

    LETS GO WATP 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  13. On the middleton pen, unless i've missed something he claims laff handballs it after middleton is brought down. surely he should have blown for the offence as he seemed to let play continue until he had a decision to make, f*****n bizarre. Not to blame the big man, but i felt we lost a bit of momentum when candieas went off. The balance of the team altered and briefly looked disjointed the last 15-20 minutes or so.I think SG either has to play laff & fredo in a top 2 like hately/mcCoist or use either separetly depending on type of game and circumstances, clearly laff is more suited to the central loan striker role. Although fredo could tuck in behind and find more space and stop him going to early and getting caught offside?


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