Why Ryan Jack was omitted by Scotland

Why Ryan Jack was omitted by Scotland

Ryan Jack’s omission from the Scotland squad has not gone down with some portions of the support who believe his excellent domestic form is qualification enough to have earned a shout from the national side.

And there is certainly a fair argument that he has impressed enough this season to have maybe warranted it, but there are quite a few caveats to his being overlooked.

First off, it definitely isn’t a ‘Rangers thing’ given Allan McGregor got a call and the national team manager is a Bluenose. Alex McLeish is very much one of us, and aside Jack and McGregor sadly Rangers have absolutely no serious candidates to play for Scotland at all. The only other possibles are overly-green Glenn Middleton and the decent but as yet not truly on fire Ross McCrorie.

Second of all, Jack, like it or not, has not been as good in the past two or three matches as he was in the previous few. After domination in Croatia then being even better at Pittodrie, his concussion suffered in that match has seen his form dip slightly at Rugby Park, v UFA and against Motherwell, and he has not quite impressed in the colossal way he previously did. Form is a factor in these call ups and his is presently not as great as it was.

Third, he isn’t a regular. Jack has received few call ups and just one cap, and at his age (26) that’s far from impressive. It’s far more notable if Jack does get a call up to when he doesn’t. It’s telling that even as Aberdeen captain during Rangers’ ‘down time’ he wasn’t a regular either. That says, sadly, more about Jack’s own career up till now than any justifiable outrage that he hasn’t had a call on this occasion.

Hopefully it is time soon the guy realises his potential, as he has flirted with this season to our true joy, but at this clear and present time he isn’t quite nailing it and we can’t really complain about Eck overlooking him.

Rangers’ lack of currently viable Scottish internationals remains depressing. Despite the clear improvement under Gerrard, the Rangers core of Scotland continues to be borderline AWOL. And there doesn’t appear to be any scope for a quick improvement there any time soon.

Why couldn’t Arfield have chosen Scotland…

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  1. Great news! Why would he want to play for them anyway? McGregor should pull out and retire aswell, concentrate on Rangers!

  2. I know the sfa are tossers and the tartan army is jammed full of SNP flag waving tossers(shinners in disguise),but keep things in perspective. It is our country not theirs.WATP

    • What is wrong with people in here?? Clearly very forgetful that's what is wrong! Let me remind you what happened the last time he played in front of Scotland "supporters"…his every touch was booed! Purely because he plays for Rangers! The Scotland support is nothing but a drunken mob that should be on some sort of register! Imagine the headlines if we got wrecked and exposed ourselves wearing kilts?? It's a competition amongst them who hates Rangers the most! So forgive me for not forgetting, you know what you can do with your tartan army and their team!!

    • Was it not ABERDEEN fans booing a Rangers player?Get a grip Stevie. You will be one of these scottish,English supporters?🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    • No Jim it was a SCOTLAND game, it was the tartan army that were booing! Scottish English supporter?? No Jim I'm just a RANGERS supporter! Get a grip and see it for what it is…they hate Rangers! Go to their next outing and tell em your a rangers fan! Remember them booing GSTQ against northern Ireland? Remember them booing the England fans chanting "no surrender to the IRA"? That's right it's just the good old tartan army. Each to their own, you carry on but the majority of rangers fans want nothing to do with them.

  3. I've got a lot of time for big eck,but I'm with Stevie on this one as over the past few years our players have been booed on//off the park by them who call themselves the tartan army and as for Scott arfield,at least he doesn't have to go through the same Shit as he chose Canada…. But wait a minute,if/when Canada play Scotland in the near future,will he be Booed for choosing Canada or will he get booed for being part of the most Successful Club in the World…..Ha ha ha

    As for Ryan jack,I believe its down to our schedule in games that we're playing and not to do with his form….watp helicopter 2005

  4. Think it’s more down to Scotland always playing the same center mids as always… not exactly unpredictable

  5. With no respect !! The whole Scottish SFA etc can bugger off they more than most treated us with no respect!! I do hope that when they close Hampden and knock it down the whole of the useless Jobs for Bhouys shite Fleetwood etc etc got flattened with it. They have taken Scottish Football back decades with their cliques and tawdry process and little comittment. Big Eck is only there for a wage and pension contributions. Onwards Rangers WATP

  6. When the Tartan Army booed Ian Black, the Scottish media hacks laughed and said it was just the Hibs fans within the Scotland support.

    When 'Lee Wallace is a Grass' was chanted from the Scotland support at Wembley…it was just the Hearts fans.

    When 'We hate Rangers more than you' was chanted in Dublin against the Republic of Ireland…it was just the Celtic fans.

    When Ryan Jack was booed against Belgium the other night…just the Aberdeen fans.

    See the trend?

    Let's just call it for what it is…
    The Scottish national team has been hijacked by Scottish nationalism, in recent years it has become more or less the sporting wing of the SNP…..and for that I hope they get horsed every game.

    Here's the real reason why they hate The Rangers….🇬🇧🔴⚪️🔵🇬🇧

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