Saturday, 18 August 2018

Transfer update as key target moves closer...

Hearts manager Craig Levein has once again elected to leave Kyle Lafferty on the bench for this afternoon’s BetFred cup clash with Dunfermline following similar against SPL opponents Hamilton. Indeed, following Rangers’ increased interest, the only match of the past three Lafferty has started in was against Celtic, and he scored the winner.

Levein has been increasingly testy over the interest in his star man from Rangers, and for Lafferty’s own part the front man has left the door entirely open for Rangers to secure him.

But for Steven Gerrard to do that, the board will have to sanction paying the lion’s share of Hearts’ asking price which is reported to be around £750,000, more and more fans are a little confused as to why there’s any hold up given the fairly healthy spending of around £8M so far otherwise in the window.

Lafferty is undeniably unsettled, and we really don’t want a repeat of the last saga involving Jamie Walker, where an unhappy player ended up switching south for a fraction of Hearts’ asking price.

This one may rumble on yet, folks.


  1. Let`s get him signed up. PLEASE !!

  2. 600k to Hearts ...Deal Done!
    Come on! Just Get Him Signed Already!

    But Heard that Those in Power are Hesitant to Conplete the Transfer πŸ€”

  3. The only suggestions I can have any input to this are:-

    For 7 Years now THE SUPPORTERS have insisted we S T A R V E
    every club who voted against us in 2012

    And CERTAINLY after previously putting our Club into near extinction due to living outside of our means, not go over the spending budget the advisors stated before season began.

    So perhaps £8-9m was THAT limit.

    So let's face it, Hearts want to fleece us, our fans are impatient.
    Well done Dave King. πŸ‘‘

    Look back 3 months. Quote Petrie on McGinn. "If they(RANGERS) want him bad enough they need to find the £6 million it'll take At Least"

    CELTIC near got him for under HALF THAT PRICE

    As I said

    Well done Dave πŸ‘‘ King

    And we ain't doing to bad

    1. Agree with most of that, however, The future of Glasgow Rangers is King.

      The player can bring qualities that would make a difference immediately. Dilly dallying over a few hundred grand (if its that) could be costly in the bigger picture. Get the deal done or walk away, clocks ticking.

      I can’t stand the bastard truth be told but even hardline upholders of the past like myself can just take it on the chin ‘in the best interests of the club moving forward’ regardless.

      I’ll still know the “previous’ of Messrs
      Lafferty & McGregor and will never fucking forget forget it.

  4. Hearts are asking for reasonable money here. We need to be getting this over the line without the pantomime.
    We had the chance to sign him last year and let it pass us by. Just hope this gets done asap

  5. How many individuals linked to an organisation are required for it to be considered a paedophile ring, or a safe haven for paedophiles?

    There are apparently numerous enquiries into institutional child abuse, and child abuse within sport, and particularly football.

    One club, Celtic, has seen an abnormal number of charges and/or convictions against employees of the club, or its inextricably linked boys club. Yet no formal investigation into the actions of the club have ever taken place. This is despite witnesses in a court of law testifying that board members knew about the actions of paedophiles, but did not report them to the police. In fact AT LEAST one of the victims was made to sign a secrecy letter and paid off, in a bid to cover it up!!

    Tuesday 6th February will see yet another name added to the ‘Roll of dishonour’. Former Celtic Boys Club honcho, Gerry King, will appear in court accused of historical abuse. Gerry King was at Celtic Boys Club at the same time as Jim Torbett, and was also an employee of Torbetts company ‘The Trophy Centre’. Perhaps telling that 2 Celtic board members, Kevin Kelly and Jack McGinn were also employees of The Trophy Centre. Cosy!

    Scottish football fans have made such a big deal over tax avoidance schemes, and are adamant they are morally wrong. They are determined that clubs are punished for this crime. Surely there will be a clamour to have a full, independent enquiry into the cover up of child abuse by the countries 2nd biggest club.

    Here is an updated ‘Roll of Dishonour’ and hopefully the new incoming SFA supremo will have more of a spine than any of the previous incumbents, and actually seek justice for the lives ruined by this callous club.

    Jim Torbett (convicted)
    John Cullen (convicted)
    Frank Cairney (charged)
    Neil Strachan (convicted)
    Jim McCafferty (convicted)
    Gerry King (charged)

    That’s nearly a conviction of every Dembele goal this season!

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    1. Can't believe you allowed this post IN. What the fuck does it have to do with football or our club!

    2. This has nothing to do with the subject IN posted and shouldn’t be something allowed to be posted. Whether it’s true or not, it has fuck all to do with Rangers, Kyle Lafferty or our transfer dealings.
      If that’s what you want to discuss Ger R, do it somewhere else

  6. Iam not arsed either way,Rangers are bigger than any kyle lafferty so if we dont get him we will get someone else,Stevie will not be fucked about by anyone/club full stop

    We are back in charge now The RangersπŸ‘…

    Winning still winningπŸ•Ί

    LETS GO WATP πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

  7. I can see why some think it's a good move, but I think we should be aiming higher and either spend money on a striker with potential or go back to Liverpool and get Solanke - I'm sure he would come given he won't get much game time at Liverpool.

  8. Are septic still in the match? Kyle hat trick at the piggery.WATP

  9. Ger R.That talk should be all over our papers or just sent to any talk show. great. Get it out about the scum.

  10. I think hearts are going hold on to KL this season just as they did with JW they as a club know what can happen if you sell your best players to clubs you must play they come back and hurt you,it is time to move on and forget him before window shuts

  11. Levein, is trying to extort us. Or is it, just plain opportunism? I know Levein, is no dummy. If I was in his position, i'd probably do the exact same, tbh. But they better not over-play, their hand.


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