Three out, two in? Rangers’ summer window hots up…


Another incredible 48 hours at Ibrox is climaxing (ooer) with intense action on the transfer front.

Ibrox Noise takes you through the key components as things stand:

Declan John looks to be headed out – despite his excellent season last year, it appears he is not in favour under Steven Gerrard and is interesting his home nation’s finest in Swansea on a loan basis. The left back has had a number of major issues to content with recently including the death of his grandfather and a back injury, and has disappeared entirely from Rangers’ match squad. It does seem his new manager doesn’t rate him.

Ibrox Noise’s recently-recommended (thanks for listening to us Stevie!) Osijek left back Borna Barisic is set to join in a £2M move. The Croatia international is a top class fullback, and while his arrival is extremely welcome, and it certainly explains Declan John’s likely departure, we can’t see current LB Jon Flanagan being dropped in this form. This means he is likely to switch to his more natural RB position, but where does that then leave club captain Tavernier? Curious, and we’ll be intrigued as to how this is all handled!

Meanwhile the Kyle Lafferty deal remains on the table but has gone quiet. With Morelos’ appeal now appearing off the table, Rangers still require firepower for the next three league matches, and hopefully a deal can be clinched with the ex-Govan star to return him home. But we’ll see.

As for Morelos? Interesting Rennes and Bordeaux apparently, on a permanent deal. The 22-year old hitman’s time in Scotland continues to be a mixed bag, and if the sale goes through (reported fee of £4M) it frees up funds for more players and the stronger likelihood of securing Hearts’ Lafferty to replace him.

Lastly, forgotten man Lee Hodson is on the verge of a switch to MLS side Montreal Impact. The 26-year old is surplus at Ibrox now, and with 456 left backs ahead of him and plenty of options on the right too, he is expendable. It’s likely to be mutual consent again, but hopefully for once we can get a bit of change from the Canadians for him.

Another manic day or two in the life of Rangers Football Club.


  1. Our new left back is going to be a great piece of buissness and one I think won’t be here for long so let’s enjoy having him. And another leader on the park, that ticks all the box’s. Looks like our best defence that I can remember …

  2. I dont agree with us signing Barisic

    Perfectly good LB in DJ
    …will be Gutted to see Him Go!

    Right Back should be Tav & Flanagan

    Left Back should be John & Wallace
    …Or Barisic & John

    …But I dont want them getting rid of Wallace Either,
    and it looks like Wallace is gonna either be back up for Barisic or Hes Gonna be out the door too.

    Think we should Swing Half a Million to Hearts and Bring Lafferty back to Govan!!
    …More Consistent and Clinical than 'The Incredible Sulk'

    We Get Offered £4-5m for Morelos …
    TAKE IT!
    We could have had the Boy Marriott for £3m and waghorn is only going for £5m

    And Finally Good Luck to Hodson if He Gets The Move to Montreal 👏

  3. Have to agree w Stevo

    Barisic looks a decent player, over the 3 legs we saw him. But we have 3 LBs including Flanagan who had a great game yesterday. As did Tavernier. Yet one of them will be dropped? Or Tav moves forward, as many have suggested. It may work, it may not. But it seems like we would rather try fixing things that are not broken instead of concentrating on things that are. remember, we are only one thug away from being short in Central Defence. And the SPL is not short of thugs. We could ask Ryan Jack to compare and contrast Stevie May and Cedric Kipre, for starters. Unless he plans to move Wallace inside, which seems unlikely.

    I am a big fan of Morelos and he was very hard done by. But this cannot come as a surprise to any Rangers player. You will NOT get protection, but everybody else will. He will be targeted even more now and we will need another striker.

    I did not pity SG having to choose between Flanagan and John, but binning John is not the answer. Now he will have to choose between Flanagan and Barisic. If he had 2 winners for every other position, fine. But we are not there yet. Swapping a regular international for a sometime international is fine line distinction. What if Barisic goes off the boil when he gets here?

    Sorry, may be a good player but a poor call to me. Will eat my words if we have another great striker and CB in on 1st September

    • Don't know who all these LBs we have are? Flanagan is no LB believe me. He will be torn apart by top class RWs. He can do a good job at RB. John is nowhere to be seen and is no great shakes as a defender. Wallace is finished at Ibrox. So Barisic is needed. I think we will get him AND a CB AND a Striker. In Stevie G we trust!

    • Cheers My Fellow Blue Blooded Brother! 😂👍

      Signing Barisic is Pointless.

      A CB and CF is whats Required!!

      We should have John and Wallace for LB
      Flanagan Challenging Tav for RB

      We shouldnt be getting rid of John or Docherty!

      Mistake by Stevie G!

    • 1 step at a time. He is sorting out our woeful defence this window and hopefully next will go out for goals up top. Cementing 2nd this season is the aim then game on next season. From where we were 2 season ago surely you can see progress? More than happy with how the squad is taking shape and that new Croatian lad could play anywhere on the left hand side btw

    • "Signing Barisic is pointless". Just wauit to see him in a blue jersey. Mind you, are you not the chap who thought Albertz was a winger!!

    • Sandy im not doubting that Barisic is a decent enough player …
      I just think there are other areas that could have been looked at first.

      Like CF …🤔
      We could have had that Boy Marriott for £3m
      We could have Lafferty for 600k!

      Also I would have liked to have seen DJ stay and Fight Barisic for LB slot like Tav fighting Flan for RB.

      And Albertz was
      A Left Sided Mid/Left Wing 👍

  4. Barasic is head and shoulders better than anything we have at left back. Hes powerful and dynamic…and he can play going forward or backwards, real quality. He had Tav on Toast for 180mins. Outstanding signing.

    Flanagan is also by far our best RB. Less dynamic than Barisic but equally tough and agressive and he can play.

    Tav ? Maybe there’s a place for him in midfield. If not then it’s Tough Titty in the Big City. Benched and he can fight like reverting else for a jersey. Anything else wouldn’t be cricket.

    That for me is a proper sign we are up a level or 3 this season.

    • Dino

      I will accept that SG knows a bit more about football than me. No, don't gasp, it's true 🙂

      He may have a plan in place to fix the other areas, I just would rather that was where we concentrated first. I think we are weaker up front and in central defence than we are at left back. Welsh international, Scotland international and Flanagan, who I repeat had a very good game yesterday, at left back.

      Most of our team could be upgraded, we are not Barcelona. I am just querying the order of priority.

    • Agree that Tav should be back up and have to fight for Jersey as hes had it Eady for too long and needs to work harder and earn it.

  5. All spot on stevo also add moult to that list as well as lafferty if sunday taught us anything it was that its going to be another long season.

  6. Stop with this Moult nonsense. Surely we've moved beyond a former Motherwell player who can't cut it at Preston now or in England before moving to Motherwell. A journeyman.

  7. Wish people would stop cryin for Louis Moult!!!

    So what he scored a few for Motherwell??…WhoopDeeFuckinDoo

    He Is Pish!
    Whats he done at Preston?
    How many has he Scored?

    ….Laff over Moult Every Day of The Week! 👊

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