Three European giants in multimillion deadline chase for Alfredo Morelos


Alfredo Morelos remains the centre of attention at Ibrox right now. We’ll cover everything else as and when we can get round to it all (and there’s a lot of it) but with European windows closing later today, a number of clubs have made intentions and moves for the now-Colombian international striker, who is growing increasingly hot property by the day.

Yesterday’s misdemeanours were poor, no argument there. He let his team down and his fans down, not to mention his manager, but don’t bet on that childish petulance putting his suitors off.

Steven Gerrard has reportedly confirmed he won’t accept a penny less than £15M for the striker (near the £20M figure we suggested) and Bordeaux, Marseille and Ukrainian giants Dynamo are said to be in a three-way £7M bid tussle for his services.

Naturally this won’t be enough, not for a player with his growing reputation and favourable age, and we would expect Rangers to reject anything below £10M as borderline derisory given what other players go for.

Either way though, when that bid comes in and should it significantly exceed £10M, the board, and Gerrard, have a big decision to make.

Is Morelos so indispensable that Rangers cannot afford to sell for anything below £crazy? Or did the signature of Kyle Lafferty soften the blow enough that Rangers feel they can cover the Colombian’s sale with the Northern Irishman?

The Bold Kyle was excellent again when he came on yesterday, and with two goals in barely more than 150 minutes of play, it may be that a sale, should Morelos want the move himself, might not be the end of the world.

Today will be interesting…


  1. £10M and l would take it, but if he stays l can see him getting sent off against the mhanky mob Sunday, too short a fuse, rather start big Laff instead and as for Flannigan, l hope he never plays another game in a blue shirt, simply not good enough

    • Spot on with all points. If someone offers£10m, taking it with a straight face would be the hardest part. Lafferty is ok short term but we need a longer term bet as well – Solanke maybe? As for Flan, I said before he kicked a ball in Blue that he was bloody awful at BWFC last year and that I hoped he wouldn’t look as bad in the lower standard of the SPL. I still hope but he’s no chance at right back…..

  2. BB, to be fair Flanagan is not a left back. He was covering because we sold John and bought someone who is ineligible.

  3. We Get Offered 10-15mill for Morelos?
    …Take It!

    Solanke in on 1yr Loan
    …Hope This Happens!! 😃💪

    Send Sadiq Back to Roma

    Then Buy Another Striker or Two in January or 1 in January and 1 Next Summer when Solanke Loan Ends

    Ideally, we should have 3 strikers here permanently 👍

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