Friday, 17 August 2018

"There is no quick fix" - former Rangers chief's words....

Former Rangers manager Mark Warburton has been rather vocal in the press of late, with his gig at Talksport apparently his major source of income.

Following an ill-fated stint at Nottingham Forest, the ex-Brentford boss has been out of work and relying on radio stints instead – and he’s certainly made a few interesting comments in his time.

We will admit he has been extremely positive about Rangers and has said only gracious things following his exit that year – even if we were far from happy about the way he left and moved to the City Ground, he has at least held himself well regarding us, so this isn’t an attack on him.

If you’re reading Mark, we never rated you as manager, but we don’t have anything against you otherwise.

It is, however, a comment he made in the April after he left which certainly looks more and more intriguing right now as Rangers sit above Celtic in the league and look healthy in Europe:

"You have to have strong foundations. There is no quick fix. You can't go and buy a £10m striker and hope it works. You have to recognise there is a job at hand and it won't happen overnight."

Two months after appointing Gerrard, watching the blossoming success under him, we’re starting to learn why Mr Warburton probably isn’t best suited to football management.

While he was theoretically maybe correct, he failed to note that the ‘job at hand’ has been going on for six years, and he was part of the stuttering nature of it.

Now, it seems, Rangers finally have a real manager and a real squad and something is finally clicking for us.

One of the guys here at Ibrox Noise said Warburton would be best suited to an Academy job – teaching kids the ropes. Indeed, it was proposed that he could go to Arsenal or Spurs’ versions of it and coach kids about possession football. However, comments like those in 2017 and the fact he’s unable it seems to get a job in senior football again probably gives some idea of where it went wrong for him.

Que sera sera.
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