Monday, 6 August 2018

The two Rangers stars who answered the poison...

As we well know, Pittodrie is probably the most toxic place for Rangers to go. It edges Celtic Park for sheer venom – Rangers and Celtic hate each other, with a poisonous overtone to it, but thanks to some vicious stuff from the 80s, the hate between Rangers and Aberdeen is downright nasty.

There’s a genuinely cerebral grinding of teeth from Dons fans to Rangers, which is reciprocated, but we all know the Cooper and urine story. That’s the kind of dislike we’re talking about. Even Celtic fans held up a banner in memory of Jim Baxter at Ibrox all those years ago. Meanwhile Aberdeen fans thrill over Ibrox Disasters and ‘nice one Simmy’.

So when Rangers went to Aberdeen yesterday, a number of players had hostility on an unprecedented scale to deal with – and the main two were ex-Dons captain Ryan Jack, and former Liverpool fullback Jon Flanagan.

Anyone who was there or saw the pictures saw the absolute cesspit of hate aimed at both, and watched as Flanagan went anywhere near the home crowd for throw ins while they hurled the most unspeakable filth at him could only admire his nonchalant yet slightly bewildered grin at the level of depravity aimed his way.

Of course, this is football – fans seize upon indiscretions of the past by players and use them against them – par for the course. But Flanagan genuinely seemed absolutely amused at the astonishing hatred aimed his way, plus the chants about him, and laughed it off. And put in his best display as a Rangers player to shut them up.

It’s what Jack did too. Until Stevie May had had enough and decided to concuss him, Jack was the star man on the pitch – despite all the horror being thrown at him for daring to sign for Rangers, Jack rose completely above it and outclassed everyone else.

There is no better answer to abuse than by doing your job better, and better. Nothing winds up bitter fans than seeing the object of their abuse sticking the metaphorical middle finger up and dominating the middle, or defending like a lion, or sticking a goal or two in the back of the net.

Jack and Flanagan rose above it – they were a credit to their club and answered the poison by delivering on the pitch.

Like proper Rangers players.


  1. I hope Flanagan stays in the team and is switched to the right once our new left back signs later today. I worry he’s just gonna sit on the bench sadly

    1. I think us signing another full back is pointless unless Stevie plans to get rid of wallace.

      Have Tav and Flanagan for RB
      And John/Barisic for LB

  2. Ach what are you moaning about... Nothing wrong with Ryan Jack and nothing wrong with the WWF tackle on him..... Cant be...the ref ruled so.

    Rangers are no doubt getting a raw deal from refereeing decisions and the vicious treatment from other players (Just ask Cordoso, Jack (x2) ) in the past year alone. However, with my blue tinted specs off for a minute, this whole situation is getting dangerous. With the Clueless referees we have in Scotland, and their inability to protect players from thug like tackling etc, it is only a matter of time before a player gets really seriously hurt or seriously injured.

    Hopefully, now we have moved on from 2018 BG (i.e. Before Gerrard) the SPL and co will have floodlights shone upon them with the World turning their attention to Scottish Football, with people who will WATCH and listen to Gerrard because of his experience, fame and knowledge and see EXACTLY how bad things are. Sutton, Cole and English will NOT get away with their usual diatribe, blinkered views, vitriol, etc etc. They might be big fish in the cess pool of Scottish football... They are tadpoles in the World of Football.

    I have little doubt we face another season of this crap, this injustice, etc etc. I really hope King and co are looking at an exit strategy from the Cess pit. I long for Rangers to play in a decent league, on a level playing surface, with decent referees. They don't want us in Scottish Football, quite obviously, from top to bottom.... Lets give them what they want!!!

    1. been shouting the same for years lets get down the road and play our football we will allways be british come on england help us out ,aberdeen selltic ,hibs are the same team ,whats the point if we go scottish football dies ,our own organisatios are trying to get us kicked out of european football .its looking like we will never get 55 ,refs ,s,fa plus other teams throughing games i for one am sick watching rangers play with 10 men we could start with boycotting away grounds , r,t,i,d

  3. Fantastic article. Well said.
    No reason why we won't destroy them at Ibrox...
    Unless that **** Clancy is in charge again!
    Onwards and upwards. Buzzing about this new team!

  4. I was thinking for the tough games we might switch to a back five, moving Flanagan into the middle and having Tav on the right and the new guy on the left. For the easier games I can see Flan being on the bench.

  5. I have been a critic of Ryan Jack due to his sending offs last season, however, I have to say he has been one of our stand outs since Gerrard has arrived. If he can keep the consistency and injury free, as well as suspension free, then we have one big winner in the middle of the park that we have been praying for,, well done Ryan, and Flannagan for laughing off the vile pawn scums bile. Just like sheep, they are feckin clueless and inbred!!

    1. He had all bar one red card rescinded after appeal...

    2. Spot on GersJimbo,I think we should change their name from sheep to the simpsons dirty bstards

      LETS GO WATPπŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

    3. Stuart, I know all bar one red card got rescinded, but he put himself in the position to give the referees the excuse to send him off, whereby he should have walked away. I've said all along the refs and officials are cheats and corrupt against our club. This continues to be the case with Morelos. The wee man gave the officials the merest of an excuse to send him off to give the opposition the upper hand!
      I have no doubt Morelos's card will also be rescinded. It's far too often those corrupt officials in black send our players off, only to get rescinded, yet they still get away with it and continue refereeing?! That is corrupt!!
      I'm not having a go at Ryan, Stuart, in fact I support the lad to the hilt,, I just want him and all of our players not to give those corrupt officials from the Celtic SFA, any reason or excuse to send them off.

    4. Stevie 1, don’t get me started on your, imho, very good point about boycotting away grounds.... my stance on this is well known... been saying that exact thing from the day we got sent down the leagues... as soon as we get back to PL we should boycott every away ground.
      I really cannot believe bears are still putting money into the coffers of those who would see us dead.... just 1 year of boycott would see a wind of change. The club should also do the bear minimum re sponsorship stuff, interviews etc just meet the bare basic contractual requirements and rules. Nothing more and nothing less. The club should also be prepared to come out with the info they have got on spl, sfa etc as soon as reasonably practical.
      It’s more than just the clubs you mention, and the associations... just look at the media past couple of days..... so biased and so anti Rangers .... from Gerrard being naive and out of order re his comments about refereeing standards (previously (correctly a lot of times) mentioned by most SPL managers) to the Daily Retard pushing the “unbelievable UEFA decision” regarding last weeks stabbing (an act I abhor btw). Look at the inferences they try to draw regarding other “similar” instances, none of which are similar in the slightest.
      The quicker we get down south or a eauropean league and leave the lot in their own chess pool, the better.

    5. Gersjimbo I hope you are correct about red card being rescinded, but I won’t hold my breathe. I just can’t see them doing that to hear the “told you so” from us, or more important to the powers that be the inevitable outcry from Torbett towers, the pen et al.
      As interesting though, I wonder if they will review the shoulder to the neck/jaw AFTER the initial 2 off the ball shoulder charges.

    6. Graham

      I back you 100% on the boycott of away games , however double standards here
      We welcome back traitors to the fold -you all know who they are
      I,m afraid i,m too bitter over it all -i will never forgive anyone who put us down or abandoned us in our Hour of need
      I still have Major Doubts Over Our Chairman as well
      Im supporter who is not fooled and have not been since it all happened
      Wake up and smell the Bullshit we have been pedddled for the last 6 Years

  6. What a Performance from the two of them yesterday! Top Class! πŸ‘

    Would have been nice to see Jack get the goal that would have killed the game ...but it wasnt to be.

    Also McInnes and Shinnie both saying Aberdeen deserved the point

    Also I dont agree with us signing another FullBack.
    Unless Stevie plans to get rid of Wallace, Barisic is not Needed!

    What do u think? πŸ€”
    RB - Tav, Flanagan
    LB - John, Barisic, Wallace
    ...See The Problem?

    We need a Centre Half and a Consistent Centre-Forward!
    If we can afford 2.2Mill for a position we dont need to buy for...
    Why cant we afford 500k for Laff? πŸ€”

    1. Steve, my info is if we do indeed sign Barisic, we WILL NOT have 3 LB’s

    2. Think We should keep DJ as Back up for Barisic and to fight for the LB slot as Tav is for RB

      So its like this ....

      GK - Alan Mc, Alnwick, McCrorie
      (Sell Foderingham)

      Flanagan, Tavernier

      Goldson, Katic, ?, A.Wilson

      Barisic & John ... (Sell Wallace)
      Barisic & Wallace ... (Sell John)

      Jack, McCrorie

  7. Agree with the chap who says Flanagan should move to rb and Tavernier to midfield. I am confident we would have the best defense in the spl then and could go to parkhead with confidence but we need a good Centre Foward to take the title.

  8. Flanagan must have known they'd give him shit for the gf, thing. He paid the price and went to Court, so don't let them get to you, John. Do your talking on the park. Cos Ceptic are going to give you just much abouse, but half the time, ther'll only be 800 of them, this season. Grow a thick skin fast, is my advice.

  9. If I were an opposition fan and Flanagan came near me he’d get shit. It’s part and parcel.

    If I were a player and an opponent injured me as jack did to May, i would leave one or 2 on him given half a chance.

    As for Gers, we need to be better. Kill games by scoring goals. Shut the cunts up by running over them. That way we won’t need to worry about anyone, referee & asissitants included.

    Be better. End of.


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